Students Against Destructive Decisions Attempts to Change Miramonte Culture


SADD Club founders (left to right: Drew Anderson, Bennett Stehr, Matt Metheny, Will Fuller and missing Steven Shepard) attempt to change Miramonte culture with planned events.

Liz Berndt, Staff Writer

Every year, high school students die at parties because classmates are afraid to call 911. Every day more than 10 high school students die in drunk driving accidents. Lowering these statistics is the basis of the Students Against Destructive Decisions Club.

“I want to be clear, our club is NOT a club against drinking,” SADD Club President junior Bennett Stehr said. “We simply want to inform students of the different ways to avoid horrible tragedies, like Joe Loudon’s death three years ago.” Joe passed away at a party his sophomore year. The cause of his death was never confirmed, but there is a possibility he would have lived if 911 was called sooner.

The most recent SADD Club meeting focused on a presentation given by Bill Loudon, Joe’s father. This was the first time he spoke in front of a group about Joe. He emphasized how one bad decision had ended his son’s life and said, “Don’t make your parents be the ones up here giving this speech.”

His words brought many students to tears, although most in the room had never met Joe. The pain Joe’s death brought the Loudon family was very clear and moved every student, parent and teacher present.

To finish the meeting, Stehr emphasized the goal of the club and the importance of new laws passed to protect party-goers. “Joe’s situation is one we can learn from,” Stehr said.

Many students do not know about the laws passed to protect a drunken party attendee in the case of an emergency.  If a student has passed out at a party, call 911. Because of The 911 Good Samaritan Law in California, no one at the party will be brought to the police station with charges of possession or consumption of alcohol and/or illegal substances.

Additionally, if a student finds themselves alone and intoxicated, they can call Orinda Taxi (925) 253-8294 (TAXI) to pick them up. The taxi will take them home no matter what time of the night and wherever they may be.

The club’s mission is to spread of information and awareness. In addition, they will host free events on campus, open to all students.

Principal Adam Clark has made it clear he supports the SADD Club and will attempt to help Stehr and other club officers in any way he can.  He has offered to open the theater for a movie night and possibly the pool or gym for an end of year event. The goal is for students to come together and have fun safely. Clark is excited about the club’s potential.