Truth Revealed: Santa Isn’t Real

Kate Laughton and Natalie Vigo, Staff Writers

Everyone remembers the scarring moment that crushed their innocent childhood dreams: the day when they discovered Santa Claus isn’t real. If you didn’t know Santa is a figment of our imagination, now you do. Sorry. But you’re not alone! Read below for some stories that your fellow classmates have shared with us.


“Maddy Bush told me that my karoake set from ‘Santa’ had been sitting in her closet for two months.” -senior Lauren Dougherty

“By nine my mom kept telling me to leave the room and go to bed.” -sophomore Maddy Bates

“Hazel Catron told me.” -junior Grace Moran

“Jack Fellner told me…” -sophomore Betsy Fellner

“My mom gave me the sex talk and then told me Santa wasn’t real. Scarring moment in my life.” -junior Maddy Miller

“I was in the backseat of my car and some lady came up to my mom and started talking about how she still had to write her Santa presents with her left hand.” -sophomore Greg Pietrykowski

“What…Santa isn’t real….? -sophomore Dylan Hoff

“My mom says ‘if you don’t believe, you don’t receive’ so Santa and Mrs. Claus are in full force at the McAvenias.” -junior Evan McAvenia

“I kept asking my mom how Santa got through the alarm system and she was all hormonal because she had just given birth and snapped at me that he didn’t exist. I was 5.” -sophomore Mariel Salem

“Santa always had my mom’s hand writing.” -Science teacher Manoa Koepp

“I’m the youngest of six kids, I was always skeptical of Santa.” – History and Spanish teacher Meghan Flores

“I saw it on Family Guy.” -freshman Aren Aghababian