LARP-ers Bring Magic Back to Miramonte


Griffin Schram, Derek Lin, Kevin Swimmer, Jack Morris and Forman prepare for battle.

Alison Pietrykowski, Julia Hass, Julia Govan, Kate Wolffe, Photo Editor, Managing Editor, Opinion Editor, Feature Editor

Inspired by the Live-action Interactive Role-playing Explorers (LAIRE), a fictional club in the movie Role Models, club founders seniors Griffin Schram, Derek Lin and Eric Gee created the Live Action Role Play (LARP) Club. Once a month Schram, Lin and Gee get together and set a date and theme for their club meeting. This meeting takes place at either Miramonte or the Orinda Park and club members are invited to join their peers for battle.
Earlier this year at Club Day, the founders were unsure of how their club would be perceived by Miramonte students. They got around 200 sign ups and were “pleasantly surprised.”
The first LARP was a Medieval themed battle that took place on Oct. 28 at Miramonte.
“It was a great success. Around 30 people showed up prepared to battle,” Schram said.
On Dec. 1 club members were invited to come out for the second LARP, which was Star Wars themed and also occurred at Miramonte. The boys hoped to get at least 50 participants and promoted the event by handing out informative cards to students and teachers.
“If we’re lucky, maybe a girl will even show up,” Lin said.
The boys were indeed lucky. For the first time in MHS LARP Club history, girls attended a battle.
“We got to be princesses and the boys tried to capture us. That was fun, but then it turned into them trying to kill the princesses so that kind of went downhill,” senior Leah See said.
When starting the club the founders were concerned that the administration would be opposed to the idea of a club that meets once a month to battle. But because they ask all participants to bring safe weapons (such as ones crafted out of styrofoam), the club was approved.
“LARP is an incredibly fun experience, one that everyone should be a part of,” Gee said.
Their next meeting will be towards the end of the month, so look for an email from the club founders or email with any questions.