Wonderful Winter Breaks

Kaitlin Fenn and Kyle Rechnitz, Staff Writers

Over winter break there is always a wide variety of awesome things to do. While some students caught up on much needed sleep, others escaped Borinda or had cool experiences close to home.


“I went to Hawaii over break. We went snorkeling and I touched a fish and a turtle,” sophomore Connor Jackson said.


“For Christmas, my family and I drove down to Disneyland. All the lights and decorations made it so fun and spirited,” sophomore Mariel Salem said.


Senior Carly Gill completed her Challenge Project over Winter Break. “I am ridiculously afraid of spiders, so for the project I let a huge tarantula walk on my arm. It was the most terrifying experience of my life.”


Sophomore Greg Pietrykowski flew to Florida to watch the BCS championship game. “The national championship was insane. Even though Notre Dame lost, I still enjoyed the atmosphere of the game and my overall trip to Florida.”