Calling All Baby Mats

Calling All Baby Mats

Photo: S. Gadde, J. Grigsby, E. Aracic

Top Left: Sharat Gadde’s baby, Avni poses at two months. Top Right: John Grigsby’s baby Chloe smiles before a nap. Bottom: Elizabeth Aracic’s baby boy Nathaniel has a case of the giggles before going to bed

Ellie Poling, Staff writer

Ever wonder if you’re favorite teacher’s kid looks like them? Wondering if their child is destined to be anything like their parents? Here’s an inside look at our newest Mini-Matadors.

Librarian Elizabeth Aracic, Sports-Med teacher John Grigsby and Science teacher Sharat Gadde are all experiencing being new parents, and taking on new responsiblities. Aracic has been having tons of fun with her two-month-old son Nathaniel. “My favorite part of being a parent is seeing new sides of myself and my husband,”Aracic said. She thought she knew herself well, until the baby came along. “I don’t think you’re ever fully who you can be; every significant change in your life can change you, no matter how ‘finished’ you seem,” Aracic said. Grigsby loves watching his daughter Chloe change, learn and grow everyday. Another great part about having a new baby is the sense of happiness and laughter they bring to the room. Aracic recalled one of her baby’s funniest encounters with their two chinchillas, Oliver and Podrick. Aracic explained how chinchillas have complicated social lives, so sometimes they make “check in” calls to other chinchillas. “They sound a little like birds,” Aracic said. “There have been a few times when they’ve made their noises and Nathaniel has answered back with little cooing noises, and then they answer him with another call. I have no idea what they’re saying, but they’re definitely communicating with each other. If I were more paranoid, I’d think they were planning an escape or plotting against me.” “I love when Avni recounts the history of the world in her 15 + minute morning soliloquy to my wife, me or the ceiling fan,” Gadde said. Sometimes the humor comes from a much simpler action like a giggle or a burp. “I think it’s pretty funny when she smiles as she farts,” Grigsby said. “In the midst of the deepest sleeps, she’ll guffaw like a drunken sailor,” Gadde said of his two month year old daughter. As for special talents, Aracic’s baby is getting good at the backstroke kick and seems to love the water just like his mother. “ My first time in the pool was when I was 10 days old, and I was a little worried he wouldn’t like the water as much as I do, but he seems to. It’s such a gift,” Aracic said. “She’s mastered the jazz flute,” Gadde said. However having a baby that is merely a month old limits the extremity of the talent. “At only a few weeks old Chloe can hold her own bottle,” said Grigsby. But along with all the lovely experiences of having a child, come the late, long nights. “My least favorite part of being a parent is not sleeping more than three hours in a row, and having to be up at least a half hour each time,” Aracic said. Gadde suggested that the worst part about being a parent is seeing your child uncomfortable. In regards to the future, mothers and fathers anticipate the day that their children will grow up.  “I am dreading the fact that she will be dating one day,” Grigsby said.