Childhood Birthdays at Their Finest

Georgia Briskey, Sports Editor

What comes to mind when you see the word “childhood?” Maybe it’s the classic TV shows you used to watch, or the throwback music you used to jam to. But what about the innocent and fun birthday parties? Parties in high school don’t have piñatas or musical chairs anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about childhood celebrations. From the fun and simple to the painful and utterly bizarre, these childhood birthday parties have it all.

Megan Coleman and Alison Miller

12th Birthday Party

Middle school is undoubtedly the most awkward stage of one’s life. For juniors Megan Coleman and Alison Miller, they didn’t realize how unforgettable their 12th birthday party was going to be in the end. They decided to invite a whopping total of 50 boys and girls (first boy/girl party of the year!) to Orinda Country Club for a fun pool party. While fun was had during the pool floaties races, running games on the grass and water balloon fights, the party ended when a good friend got injured.

“Somehow Jack Murphy ended up falling and getting a concussion. He had to go to the hospital,” Coleman said. While Murphy ended up okay, it may be a lesson not to have boy/girl parties at such a delicate age.

Maddy Cuyler

8th Birthday Party

Like Nielsen, Maddy Cuyler held a birthday party with a theme as well. Any normal little girl would hold a Barbie or My Little Pony themed party, but not Cuyler. Rather, this was a theme she wasn’t even familiar with.

“My whole party had E.T. themed decorations and games, but I hadn’t even seen the movie,” Cuyler said. The party seemed to be a hit Cuyler recalls, as her one invited friend made an appearance to the party. All seemed like a good time until Cuyler decided to watch E.T. for the first time.

“I hated it,” Cuyler said. Unlike the happy ending in E.T., Cuyler’s party ended with an unhappy birthday girl.

Jeff Phunmongkol

11th Birthday Party

For Jeff Phunmongkol, skateboarding always slipped into his daily routine. For this reason, his birthday parties never had a plan. All through elementary school, Phunmongkol used to call up his fellow skateboarding friends and skate throughout the Lamorinda area on his birthday. If people could come, then great; if not, then no big deal. Still a skateboarder today, Phunmongkol doesn’t continue his birthday tradition, but remembers the best part of it.

“We always topped off the day by buying a Safeway cake and eating it at my dad’s restaurant,” Phumongkol said.


Taylor Nielsen

10th Birthday Party

While some people would assume Taylor Nielsen held an Avril Lavigne themed party during her childhood, she actually had a Lizzie McGuire/Hilary Duff themed party. At her 10th birthday party, Nielsen decked out her entire house with Lizzie McGuire cast posters, plates and napkins, and played Hilary Duff music all throughout her party. It was a dream come true for the Disney Star-obsessed girl, but once the cake came, things changed.

“My cake had a huge picture of Hilary Duff’s face on it, which was awesome, but when we cut into the cake it was chocolate instead of vanilla,” Nielsen said.

Clearly the biggest issue a 10-year-old could have, Nielsen spent the rest of the party crying in her room demanding everyone to leave. Not even “So Yesterday” playing could make her feel better.


Libby Dunne

10th Birthday Party

Some people complain about having a birthday during the summer, but for Libby Dunne it created the best birthday parties. Considering heat is at an all-time high during the summer, Dunne held a water-themed party to cool off in her backyard when she turned 10 years old. Inviting all her gal pals, loading up the Super Soakers and setting up a Slip-N-Slide, Dunne held a water party so fun that she made it a tradition. Her friends still look forward to splishing and splashing every summer around her birthday.