Support For One and All

Alison Pietrykowski, Photo Editor

Every day dozens of students walk into the counseling office and turn to the left to talk to their academic counselors or go straight to Drue Kendall to pay for college transcripts or ask a quick question.

While these are all extremely helpful resources, very rarely do students turn to the right to see either the psychologist or one of the two support counselors.

In fact, many students are unaware that such services even exist on campus. Now a lot of people are probably thinking to themselves, “Of course I didn’t know, I don’t need to see a support counselor.”

And maybe you don’t right now. But if someday down the road you really need someone to talk to or know someone who would benefit from seeing a counselor, it’s good to know they’re there. And they always are.

The counselors are there to help students with anything from school stress to eating disorders or problems with friends and parents. You don’t have to have a typically labeled “serious” problem in order to stop by.

You can either drop in or fill out a slip and have them call you in. The psychologist, Allyson Vesce, is in her office Monday through Thursday and one of the support counselors is always there.

Danielle Jurow is available to help Wednesday, Friday and Thursday afternoons, and Jon Parker is in the office Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Vesce typically works on testing students for learning disabilities, but like most of the staff at Miramonte, would be happy to talk or listen.

Students and parents alike can call or email one of the counselors and anonymously recommend someone they know that may benefit from being called in to talk.

Contact information can be found under the counseling tab at Miramonte’s website.

Although all of the teachers and staff at Miramonte are always here for the students, the counselors are present to provide a specific place you can go to get support anytime for whatever reason you need it.