Seniors Remember OPI


The seniors and staff who attended the Olympic Park Institute Trip this year gather outside the Rosemary Arch on the last day of the trip.

Katie Hoskins, Editor-in-Chief

Every February, 50 Miramonte seniors and a select group of staff are invited to explore Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula for a week of exploration, conservation, and class bonding. Without cell phones or laptops to communicate through, students learn to pass the time actually conversing with one another, leading to a plethora of unforgettable quotes and memories, recounted below.

  • “Boobby please.”- Senior Kim Cheng
  • “If this is a stick and this is a stick… Is this a stick?” “Uhhhhh yeah.”-Senior Kim Cheng
  • ”How long can a kitten survive in an airtight container? Longer than you!” –Senior Sara Cratsenburg
  • “I tasted nature.” -Senior Adam Brager
  • “I really enjoyed playing presidents with everyone at Rosemary, especially playing extreme Presidents on the last night.” -Senior Laurie Simon
  • “The trip was very tranquil and it was fun being out in the wilderness with my peers.” -Senior Tanner Wendt
  • “Adventure on and travel safely.” -Educator Willie Richards’ last words to senior Caitlen Powell
  • “No guys, I’m really stuck.” -Senior Caitlen Powell
  • “I LOVE MUD. Let me go first.” -Senior Grace Barosky before she got stuck in a sinkhole.
  • “I thought Disneyland is just where dreams come true. But OPI proved me wrong.” -Senior Rachael Noble
  • “Punky Brewster.” -Genny, the Group 6 Educator
  • “We had a version of Presidents where the President not only takes cards from the bottom player, but also chooses who has to drink a shot of milk with a bunch of salt in it. So every time the bottom people had to go get tea for the top people.” -Senior Charlie Ross
  • “The tide pool fire still burns in my heart.” -Senior Devin Stein

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