Hidden Lamorinda Coffee Shops Revealed


Geppetto’s Caffe is enjoyed by many Miramonte students on the weekends.

Natalie Condon and Cassidy Waters, Staff Writers

Coffee runs are essential to any high school student, whether it be before school to boost your energy, or late at night to keep you energized. Though Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee are always reliable sources, Lamorinda is also home to a variety of lesser-known cafes that offer the same delicious products. Terzetto Cuisine, Si Si Caffe, Geppetto’s Cafe, Caffe Teatro and Panache Caffe are a handful of the spots that are worth leaving your “coffee comfort zone” for.

Terzetto Cuisine, located in the heart of the Moraga Shopping Center, is a small bistro that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aside from their ample food selection, they also have a coffee bar that sells various coffee drinks, teas and pastries.

This convenient commodity lets coffee-lovers slip in and out without the hassles of long lines and noisy customers.

“I love stopping by Terzetto’s before school,” Senior Dominique Hoover said. “It’s super close and their chai lattes are to die for.”

Another unfamiliar coffee shop in Moraga is Si Si Cafe. Opened in 1998, the small cafe sits next to a hair salon situated a short walk from Moraga Country Club.

“I actually got the idea to open a coffee shop from my neighbor,” owner Cathy Corsi said. “He had previously attached a cafe to a hair salon and I thought it seemed like a great idea.”

Si Si’s loyal, returning customer base gives the coffeehouse a more personal feel. In addition, its friendly atmosphere and ample drink selection go beyond the norm. Some drinks to try are their White Chocolate Mocha and various smoothies.

Geppetto’s Cafe is well known to the Lamorinda community for its delicious sandwiches and cozy ambiance. You can often find a group of “Orinda moms” chatting on the patio while enjoying one of their various lunch specials. However, Geppetto’s is also a great place to get your morning pick-me-up. You can get your coffee in either a mug or to-go cup, depending on the amount of time you have to spare.

Caffe Teatro, located below the entrance to the Orinda Library, is also a convenient place to get a caffeine kick. With use of the library’s parking lot, it is easily accessible for a hurried student on the way to school or practice. It also has the potential to be a great spot to meet friends and study after school.

“My friends and I always love going to Caffe Teatro before a big test,” Junior Kady Richardson said. “We can study at the library or grab a coffee or snack when we need a break.”

You can head up to the library after enjoying a latte or soak up some rays on their outdoor sitting area. They also offer various breakfast, lunch and snack items.

Panache Caffe sits next to the Trader Joe’s shopping center in Lafayette. It is a great place to try after a run at the Reservoir or workout at Oakwood to reboost and recharge.

A selection of coffee drinks can be served hot, cold or blended, depending on your mood. Panache Caffe also offers bubble tea, which is a great alternative to driving out to Berkeley or Oakland for the much-desired treat.