Make the Most of Your Week


Ellie Poling and Elizabeth Chenok

Bored over Spring Break and looking for new places to explore? Mirador took a look at attractions around the Bay that are inexpensive, easy to access and don’t need parental supervision. 

MoMA– Only $14 for students, you can spend your day exploring cool art pieces and leave feeling creatively refreshed. The current display features Edvard Munch’s iconic The Scream.


De Young Museum – For only $7, the de Young sports amazing facilities and exhibits worth seeing. Dutch paintings from the The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in the Netherlands, including the Girl With A Pearl Earring, are featured in this exhibit.


SF Japanese Tea Garden – Boasting a Tea House, interesting plants and many photo opportunities, the Tea Garden is a must-see attraction. If you’re lucky, there are sometimes Japanese Tea Ceremonies with full tradition and culture. Luckily, the Tea Garden is located fairly close to the de Young, so make a day out of it.


Ocean Beach– Located at the west-most part of San Fransisco, Ocean Beach is the perfect place to get your tan on during Spring Break. Although the water is a bit cold, it’s a nice spot to fly a kite, have a picnic and spend the day with friends.


Gourmet Ghetto – Hungry? The Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley is the place to be. The North Shattuck area has been popularly known as the “Gourmet Ghetto” since the 1970’s because of its many innovative restaurants. If you’re looking for a pastry and some tea or coffee, check out Philz Coffee. If you want a classy dinner, check out Chez Panisse.


Haight Ashbury– Looking for a little taste of summer? Take a walk around this colorful neighborhood. Make sure to hit up Amoeba Music for some awesome, cheap tunes.


Lake Merritt: Wanting to get some fresh air? Take a walk around Lake Merritt, and stop for a bite to eat at Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill, where you can enjoy the awesome view of the lake on their patio and dock-seating. Afterwards make sure to check out the Lake Merritt gondola and take a relaxing ride around the lake.


First Friday– The Oakland Art Murmur appears the first Friday of every month, and Spring Break luckily falls on that day. This area of Oakland has seen an art revival and now there are many galleries open in close proximity. From 6-9 pm, you can explore the galleries as well as create your own art along the way. First Friday will leave you feeling more creative and happy than ever. Caution: The area around First Friday can sometimes be dangerous. Make sure you go with friends and never travel alone, and go over safety precautions beforehand.