How to Survive Allergy Season

How to Survive Allergy Season

Courtney Attard, Staff Writer

Have you been reaching for the tissues more than normal this spring? Even if you don’t usually suffer from serious allergies, don’t fret- you’re not alone. Pollen season typically begins early April, however due to extensive rain and cold weather, it has been delayed resulting in more severe allergy symptoms. A simple explanation: the typical pollen attacks are late while the later ones are on time, resulting in one big allergy attack. Although you may feel helpless, don’t just sit back and take it; there are things you can do to stop the problem and save those tissues.

1. Air Conditioning Letting the air conditioning run in your house is a great way to filter out the allergens from your home. And if you want to go all out, you can cover your air conditioning vents with a thin towel for even better filtration.

2. Take Allergy Medication Some favorite medications are Claritin, Zyrtec, Sudafed and Benadryl.

3. Eye Drops and Nasal Spray Even though nasal spray is really uncomfortable, it will save about a million tissues later on. Eye drops are good as well; no more itching, reddening, puffing and watering.

4. Don’t Rub Although it temporarily relieves discomfort, try and avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs- it irritates your eyes even more.

5. Flush Rinse your eyes with cold water; it’s refreshing and helpful.

6. Stay Inside Classmate: “Hey do you guys wanna go chill and work outside?”

You: “No.” Be strong. The nice weather can wait.

7. Drink Lots of Water Staying hydrated will help your body flush out allergens. This should help prevent suffering from congestion and a sore throat.

8. Sleep It doesn’t directly prevent bad allergies, but sleep can boost your immune system, leading to less susceptibility to sniffles!

9. Stay away from Pets If your dog or cat has been outside, pet him or her at your own risk.

10. Don’t Play on the Grass If you sit on the quad at lunch, find elsewhere to dine to avoid itching up a storm in fifth period.

Hopefully these tips help keep your allergy season tissue free!