A Day in the Life of a Senior

Kendal Taylor, Laura Rosas, Guest Writers

Everybody knows that once second semester of senior year rolls around, people tend to get a little… well lazy! Mirador gets some insight into the enviable daily routines of some second semester seniors. 

Kendal Taylor

6:30 am– Wake up, press snooze at least three times, think about getting up, but instead check to see if I have any texts (I don’t).

7:00 am– Start getting ready for school. Add to the mountain of clothes already existent on my floor. Realize this already took a lot of effort and decide to go back to sleep.

9:00 am– Get up (for real this time) and decide I should probably make my way over to Miramonte.

9:30 am– Check into the office and give Tina the familiar nod.

9:35 am– Make it to the last 10 minutes of AP French and come to realization that six years later, I still can’t speak French at all.

9:45 am– Walk to the senior lawn for brunch. Feeling somewhat superior until I almost slip on the wet grass. Play off it cooly.

10:00 am– Trying to pay attention in stat. Yet another period where I don’t know what’s going on. I feel better looking around the room and see that most are on their phones anyways.

11:00 am– Go to gov.

11:10 am– Frip looks shocked to see me and says that he had marked me absent (not the first time).

11:45 am– Arrive early to the senior lawn for lunch and wait for my friends at our table… Which takes surprisingly long. Wonder if they’re ditching me (again). Finally catch their eyes and make them sit down with me.

12:45 pm– Arrive at psych, a little out of breath from the the way too long walk to the senior lawn. Make a mental note to go to the gym.

1:20 pm– I pretend I’m Jackson Pollock and scatter some paint on a canvas in art… I don’t think I’ll be making a living from my art anytime soon.

2:20 pm– Stand in the J-lot trying to keep the conversation with my friends going as long as possible so I can prolong doing my homework.

2:35 pm– I drive to the gym, see Tangelo and decide to go there instead.

2:50 pm– Get home and turn on the TV, just for 20 minutes I swear.

7:00 pm– Think about turning off the TV to start my homework.

7:30 pm– Dinner’s ready! Thank god, I was thinking about a second Tangelo trip.

10:00 pm– Start watching one final show before I go to sleep.

10:25– Set my alarm for 6:30 with the intention of actually going to school for a full day (as if that will ever happen).


Laura Rosas

6:30 am– Wake up. It takes time to look this good.

7:40 am– Done straightening my hair/ changing.

7:43 am– Frantically grab food and throw it into my Lulu lunch bag.

7:47 am– Run out of the house. Gotta beat that Del Rey traffic, ya know?

7:56 am– ….Didn’t beat the traffic (Hurry up and cross the street children!)

8:03 am– Arrive late to Mr. Appel’s class… Sorry Boss.

9:40 am– Scribble down answers for next periods Clase de Espanol (Libro Rojo sucks).

11:45 am– Lunch time! Lol jk gotta go to the library to finish my homework. Procrastination at its finest.

12:20 pm– Real lunch time (eating in the back seat in Public Speaking).

1:25 pm– Listen to Simmons talk about his time living in the hood.

3:05 pm– Sprint to my car. Gotta beat the traffic to get to crew on time.

3:40-6:50 pm- Row, row, row down da estuary.

7:20 pm– Arrive home and eat dinner (Señora loves Mexican food).

8:00-10:30 pm– Loiter around the house avoiding homework.

10:30 pm– Finally decide to catch up on my homework, Dance Moms.

11:35pm– Decide to open my backpack. Nahhhh, it’s bed time. Wayho.