A Look Back at the History of the Senior Lawn


Reese Levine, Staff Writer

It’s an age old tradition at Miramonte. On the first day of each school year, seniors take their place on the lawn in front of the school, free from the noise and confusion on the quad. Everyone knows about and respects this special spot for seniors, but almost no one knows its history.

The senior lawn has been part of Miramonte’s culture for decades. Mary Anne Whitaker, a math teacher at Miramonte who graduated from the school, remembers sitting on the lawn when she was a senior. “I looked forward to sitting on the senior lawn, but I don’t think that we used it as much as seniors use it now,” she said.

Another current teacher, James Lathrop, was a senior in 1995-96 and believes the senior lawn helped bring the senior class together. “It was fun that most of the seniors ate lunch in one spot, which didn’t happen the previous three years at Miramonte,” he said.

One nice feature of the lawn are the large trees which provide shade from the hot sun and cover from sudden rain storms. “A couple of trees were planted on the lawn in remembrance of Miramonte students who had died, and everyone thought that was a nice way to honor the memory of our fellow students,” Whitaker said.

Today, seniors take advantage of the lawn to hang out with classmates before heading off to college the next year.

“I feel it creates more of a community amongst the class and makes you feel more privileged to be a senior,” senior Devin Stein said.

It is also one of the more anticipated benefits of being a senior, with current juniors already looking forward to stepping onto the lawn for the first time at lunch.