Average Joe of the Issue: Matthew Ent


Davis Walker, Head Photographer

Matthew William Ent, commonly referred to as Matt Ent by his beloved friends, is by no means an average “Average Joe.” To say that he is busy would be an understatement. In addition to being one of the most talented seniors in the most rigorous architecture class, Ent has helped pioneer men’s volleyball at Miramonte, becoming captain of the first team in four years. As if this wasn’t enough, Ent is currently exploring his love for design through a completely new medium: sewing.
Ent was selected as one of four captains of the 2013 Miramonte men’s volleyball team. This year is the first in four years that Miramonte has staged a men’s volleyball team, and many of the athletes had little to no experience with volleyball. Ent had never played competitive volleyball before, and his experience with the sport only consisted of practicing with his older sister, Michelle. Although Ent was not the most experienced on the team, his motivational and inspirational attitude led him to be selected as one of the team’s leaders.
“I’m a large and in charge type of guy,” Ent said, “The other captains and I really rallied the team and tried to bring each other up.”
Ent has been interested in architecture and design since his freshman year at Miramonte. He was enrolled in both Engineering Drawing and Web Design, both taught byAileen. Gell, his freshman year.
“Summer before junior year I went to Cal Poly for a month and did an architecture camp suggested by Ms. Gell,” Ent said. “It fully immersed me into design and spurred me to pursue it as a career.” Ent continued on the standard Miramonte architecture course, taking Computer Assisted Drafting his sophomore year and Architecture 1 and 2 his junior and senior year, respectively. In Engineering Drawing, Ent learned about the hands on side of architecture, but, as the rigor of the courses increased, he was introduced to computer programs like AutoCAD, SketchUp and 3Ds Max. Students in Architecture 1 and 2 have many opportunities to develop their design skills through the aforementioned computer programs, such as designing different sized houses and buildings.
“We design our own houses and really get a feel for the scaling and how it relates to humans and how we live,” Ent said. “This year we designed a 1200 square foot beach house and it really made us think about utilizing every possible inch of space.”
When he first decided on pursuing architecture as a career choice, Ent was set on the University of Oregon. However, Ent didn’t get into U of O despite an appeal after his initial rejection. Fellow architecture classmate Jack Morris prompted Ent to apply to the University of Boulder on one of the last possible days.
Ent promptly applied to the Boulder’s environmental design program, and was accepted. This program is extremely unique in the sense that it focuses on all four aspects of architecture for three years, followed by students choosing one to focus on for their senior year. These four disciplines include architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning.
“I’m most excited to get out of the Orinda bubble and meet people from other states,” Ent said. “I’m also looking forward to the amazing Colorado skiing and the renowned architecture program.”
This year, Ent’s love of architecture lead him to pursue another form of design. Ent first decided to try sewing when he decided he wanted to make his own shorts. Soon after, he realized this might be too ambitious of a goal and decided to try sewing something simpler. Thus, the custom pocket tee was born. Ent began sewing chest pockets onto shirts, a much easier task. He then began to sport his custom tees to school, and, to his surprise, people began asking him for them.
Ent decided to capitalize off of his discovery and started a custom tee shirt business: Ent Designs. He got help from a fellow Miramonte student’s mom to fine tune his skills and learn how to be a more efficient sewer.
The unique thing about Ent’s company is that customers can request anything for their pocket tees. “My customers give me ideas of what they want, and I use my background in design to bring those ideas to life and ensure each tee is cool and unique,” Ent said.
Ent mostly sells tees to Miramonte students, but is definitely looking to expand in the near future. He is currently working on a website in which people can customize their own shirts as well as a facebook group. He also has an instagram (@Ent_designs) and can be contacted by phone for tee shirt orders at (925) 550 3265.
“Due to the popularity, I want to expand to different schools, markets and age groups,” Ent said.