Best Donuts of the Bay

Heidi Maupin, Staff Writer

King Pin (Berkeley) 

Standard Glazed: These donut holes have a richer, more homemade taste than any other donut that was sampled. The sweet sugary glaze has an unrefined, grainy texture. The buttery dough was heavy and cakey, but definitely not overpoweringly sweet. These holes are extremely filling, always served warm and delicious!

The Specialty: King Pin’s creme filled chocolate glazed donut is filled with delicious custard that tastes very similar to tapioca pudding. The thin layer chocolate glaze is flakey, rich and flat out heavenly.

Johnny’s Donuts (Lafayette) 

Standard Glazed: The light and airy dough of these delicious donut holes is covered in a thin flakey glaze that is not overly sweet but still packs a powerful taste.

The Specialty: Johnny’s maple glazed old-fashioned donuts have a hearty, homemade-feeling texture to them. The maple glaze is just mapley enough to justify eating this treat for breakfast, but just sugary enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Krispy Kreme (Concord)

Standard Glazed: Krispy Kreme’s classic donut holes are lighter and airier than any other donut holes we sampled. The flakey glaze coating melts the second you pop each delightful bite into your mouth.

The Specialty: Krispy Kreme’s plain maple glazed donut is out of this world. The glaze creates a thin caramelized shell of sweetness around the top of the light dough. The pillowy aspect of the actual donut enhances the flavor and makes it delightful to bite into.