Senior Summer Plans

Every year, it is a tradition for recently graduated seniors to get their first taste of freedom and take a summer trip with their friends.

These anticipated trips give the seniors one last bonding experience with their close high school friends before leaving for college.

This year, the trips range from as far as Europe to as close as Lake Tahoe.

One extravagant destination that will be visited this summer is Europe. Among many, Willie Berkowitz and Devin Stein are two of the fortunate to have this lucky experience. They are traveling across the continent to far-off palces such as London, Amsterdam, Munich and Barcelona.

“We chose to start in London because we thought it would be an easy place to get our bearings since everyone speaks English,” Stein said. “Amsterdam is supposed to be a very fun city and we wanted to explore German culture in Munich. And finally we chose Barcelona to spend some time on the beach.”

Another location that is always popular is Cabo San Lucas. The town consists mainly of resorts that are frequented by many high school and college students. This fun atmosphere creates an ideal situation for recently graduated teenagers.

There is never a dull moment in Cabo with its numerous and exciting activities. Laying out by the pool, experiencing the local culture or visiting its many beaches are a few of the multiple things to do.

Senior Lillian Malmberg and her group of friends are staying at a beachside resort in Cabo, the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas.

“None of us has been to Cabo before,” Malmberg said. “We’re very excited for the fun trip planned.”

Though close in distance, Lake Tahoe has much to offer. A few seniors, including Marshall Deutz and Matt Solit, are taking advantage of the convenient, yet beautiful location. The boys are looking forward to spending some “bro time” together before they part for college.

“Tahoe is the perfect location for us,” Solit said. “It’s easy to get to, doesn’t cost much, and guarantees a good time.”