Intuitive Writing Project Comes to Miramonte


Kate Wolffe, Editor-in-Chief

The founders will be discussing the Intuitive Writing Project and its role at Miramonte on October 1st at 7 pm in the theatre. They ask that all young women and/ or mothers interested attend!

WANTED: A program that teaches me to trust my intuition, a program that speaks to me, as a young woman, and helps me to better understand not only the ever-changing, media-driven world around me, but the world within myself

IN NEED OF: A community that provides me with the tools to express myself clearly and thoughtfully through writing, so that others can better understand me, and I can better understand what I need to convey.

Elizabeth Perlman, founder of the Intuitive Writing Project, was desperately seeking these exact things as a young woman growing up, and, in response, after she had received her master’s degree in Transformative Arts from JFK University, she decided to create an educational non-profit, centered in the Bay Area, that would help young women trust their intuition and access the wisdom inside themselves through creative writing. Thus, the Intuitive Writing Project was born.

Teaming up with her partner, Maureen Brown, Perlman is working to bring her program to Miramonte, where Brown’s son currently studies. The two women believe that the issues that teenage girls used to face are still present, but that they must now also contend with the expectations and ideas put forth by the media. “The old paradigm is still in place and girls are still disempowered. Although there has always been demeaning advertising, the media backlash to any movement forward is worse than ever,” said Perlman. “The average American teenager spends about 10.45 hours a day absorbing media.” If teenagers are intaking this much of the warped way that the media portrays women, we are in need of some serious help. Due to this, one of the main goals of The Intuitive Writing Project is to promote “media literacy”, a way for young women to better understand what motivates companies to put out these demeaning advertisements for public viewing.

Another goal of the program is to have young women better understand their intuition, which Perlman sees as a source of inner wisdom. “When you are really in touch with your intuition, and you’re in the present moment, you can sense when something’s dangerous miles off,” said Perlman. She believes that a way to truly connect with your intuition is through creative writing, and so that is what the program focuses on centrally.