Clubs Excite Students

Clubs Excite Students

Libby Dunne and Ashley Logan

On Sept. 27 Miramonte students clustered around tables during an extended lunch, signing up for various clubs. Presidents advertised their clubs with brightly colored posters, flyers, and demonstrations.

Club Day allows students to browse the many clubs and choose which ones they wish to participate in. There is a huge variety of possibilities, from cycling to foods to acapella.

Founders of the returning French club, sophomores Natalie Wright and Natalie Adey wanted to bring the club back because they plan to educate others of the French culture by watching French movies and eating food like crepes and pastries.

“There was no French club the last few years, so we are trying to bring it back,” Wright said. “We are planning to have a few out of school activities in the city like visiting French museums.”

Sophomore Kailyn Kong walked around the quad handing out flyers to advertise Key Club. “Members of Key Club participate in community service activities,” Kong said. “It is a great way to meet new people and help out the community.”

Senior Sophie Dawson started the Elephant Club this year to raise money to support elephants in Nairobi. “I got the idea when I visited the elephant orphanage,” Dawson said. “We are going to put on fundraisers, and sell car magnets and key chains to raise the money.”

This year, junior Katrina Louie and sophomore Andy Tobin started the Rock Climbing Club. During meetings they plan to talk about techniques for climbing. Their main focus is bouldering: climbing without ropes and on boulders about ten feet high. “I wanted to start the Rock Climbing Club because it is something I love to do,” Louie said.

Co-Presidents and seniors Kacey Sorenson and Julia Shen are continuing the Acapella Club this year known as Treble Makers. During meetings, they rehearse songs for venues. “Treble Makers brings people who enjoy different things together through common ground; acapella,” Sorenson said.

Clubs tried various ways to grab students’ attention. “The Ultimate Frisbee Club had the best sign and most enthusiastic volunteers,” senior Christopher Tennant said.