New Eats Revelaed

Sarah Rockwood

Drop that Chipotle burrito, and think for a moment.  Countless restaurants throughout the Bay Area, hidden from the exploitations of publicity, are preparing bizarre yet delicious dishes you probably haven’t tried.

When confronted with a deluge of new and thrilling opportunities, we are often overwhelmed and fall back into the safety of a familiar choice, therefore missing out on a new experience.

Driven by a sweet tooth and a creative inclination, senior Camille Anderson shares her experience at Cinnaholic, a customizable gourmet cinnamon bun shop at 2132 Oxford Street in Berkeley that allows you to add your own personal touch.

Allowing you to choose both frosting and toppings from a wide range of options, there are a myriad of combinations of cinnamon buns to explore.  If you feel overwhelmed by the abounding options, you can choose one of Cinnaholic’s specialties.  Popular specials include chocolate chip cookie dough and s’mores, but new specials are being added all the time.

“Usually I’m not a coconut fan, but when I went to Cinnaholic I decided to try the coconut cream pie special. It was covered in a rich, creamy frosting and topped with coconut flakes and chocolate chips. It was a sensational overload,” Anderson said. Cinnaholic is a great place to go to avoid the horrendous lines of CREAM and to grab a quick yet fulfilling delight.

Junior Marie Johnson recommends Café Colucci, an Ethiopian restaurant located in the midst of the bustling Berkeley at 6427 Telegraph Avenue. Using Ethiopian spices, Café Colucci captures the essence of Ethiopian cooking in a vast array of flavors that distinguishes it from other restaurants.

Johnson not only enjoys it for the unique flavors, but also for the peculiar customs practiced there. “One of the coolest parts is that you eat nearly everything with your hands, which you can rarely do anywhere else.  You use a kind of salty, tangy pancake to scoop everything up. It’s all delicious, you can’t go wrong,” Johnson said.

The bread is made from teff, the smallest grain in the world, and a staple in Ethiopian cuisine. The main dishes are prepared with a variety of spices, including berbere, a type of pepper, and senafitch, Ethiopian mustard.  Diverging from the standard customs of the Bay Area, Café Colucci is the place to visit for a new cultural and flavorful experience.

Tucked away just a few blocks from San Francisco’s famous Union Square on 75 Yerba Buena Lane, Tropisueño is a Mexican restaurant functioning as a festive taqueria during the day and an elegant restaurant at night.

Senior Lina Mathkour recalls her first experience at Tropisueño as an amazing cultural immersion. “The environment was very authentic: there were intricate cloth designs on the walls, light decorations were strung from one corner to the next, the lights were dimmed while traditional Mexican music was playing in the background. Everything made it seem as though we were no longer in San Francisco, but had truly traveled to another culture,” Mathkour said.

Mathkour highly recommends their chips and salsa and strikingly described their taco as “the best taco of my life” (with everything on it, of course). So when looking for some traditional Mexican cuisine a step or two above Chipotle, make sure to take a trip to Tropisueño.