Senior Women Shirts Clothe Lamorinda


Liz Berndt, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, the senior ladies unite on the first day of school by wearing the same “Senior Ladies” shirt. Over the summer, a Facebook group is created in order to decide what their shirt will look like. Usually, a couple people take over and make sure the project reaches the finish line. At Miramonte, senior Julia Duncan took on this role and fronted the $2,448 to pay for the 144 shirts: “My mom agreed to front the money for the shirts because I’m practically Dog the Bounty Hunter when people owe me money,” Duncan said.

Unlike last year, the class of 2014’s shirts were considered nice and appropriate. They avoided the supposedly inappropriate phrases: “Bow Down” and “Wanna Get Lucky?”
In recent years, bro-tanks have become the most popular design item. The senior ladies across Lamorinda did not break this trend.

At Miramonte, the girls voted on a pink bro-tank with “Senior Ladies” in the front and “We’re the 1’s you’ve been waiting 4” on the back.

mira jpeg
At Campo, the girls decide on a blue bro-tank that says “All H14L.”

At Acalanes, the girls, mixing it up, decided to make a white V-neck that says “XIV Seniors.”

Acalanes Senior Shirt jpeg