Take a Load Off Your Senior Year and De-Stress

Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

1. Let Go

Attachments, attachments, attachments. Attachments to colleges, the idea of what senior year is “supposed” to look like, the past summer, friends, family, and the list goes on. Take a deep breath, and on the exhale release anything negatively affecting your life. Let go of these past attachments to what you expected for senior year, or the stress of leaving for college. This release will help you focus on the now and that’s what’s important. Yes, there is a lot of work, and yes, there are times when focusing on the future is important, but there is also time to cherish each moment. This is the last time we will have these moments together as a class. Remember and appreciate that.


2. Laugh

Laughter is proven to positively impact lives. There is so much around us to laugh about. Whether it be looking up a funny YouTube video, calling up a friend, or reading The Mirador, there is always time to blow off some steam and let some joy in. At the peak of your stress, step back a moment and let out a huge belly laugh. Even if it’s forced at first, eventually the forcing will let go and true laughs will come out.


3. Enjoy Your Friends

This is our glory year, and the last year to be together every day. Friendship is a beautiful thing and the connections with those in high school can last a lifetime, or end if communication doesn’t continue when college begins. Take this year to not only continue friendships with the people you are closest with and may have grown up with, but also to meet new people that you have never had a class with or shared time with. Expand your horizons and broaden your heart to new people and ideas.



Remember our good old friend sleep? Where did it go?! With rigorous schedules and extra work, seniors can put off sleep  and disregard it as a non-priority. However, these vital hours help recharge and revamp you every single day. Not only does it help you function normally, it helps fight off viruses which can hit during this time of year. Nourish yourself and remind yourself what the simple gift sleep is. Commit to being in bed by 11:30 at the latest.


5. Do What You’re Passionate About

Before we know it, we are going to be entering the “real world” of work, more intense school, and living on our own. Get into the habit of doing things that really drive you as a person, and following what you feel passionate about. Everyone loves something, and if practiced enough, can become an expert at it. Whether it be writing or arts and crafts or football, go through with it. We are in a realm of possibility; we have a million opportunities coming toward us, so if we start it now with what we love, the rest will follow. When you are happy and doing what you love, stress is bound to be less.