Average Joe of the Issue: Merrick Goodman

Goodman (right) poses for a self-take with good friend sophomore Holly Bohuslav (left) as she sips on tapioca-packed bubble tea.

H. Bohuslav

Goodman (right) poses for a self-take with good friend sophomore Holly Bohuslav (left) as she sips on tapioca-packed bubble tea.

Nicola Gonzales and Kate Laughton, Business Managers

On a crisp autumn morning during third period, Mirador’s intelligent and beautiful Business Managers Nicola Gonzales and Kate Laughton skipped down to the attendance office in hopes of picking the next Average Joe of the Issue. After a few failed attempts, with one student switching schools the same week and the other being Gonzales herself, they finally chose the one.

Sophomore Merrick Goodman, Kevin Shepard’s girlfriend, has a chinchilla named Charlie. Her favorite type of animal is the cat.
“They lay in my bed,” Goodman said.
Sammy and Tracy, her two cats, keep her motivated to continue on with her life, and she plays with common cat toys to keep them entertained. Although she loves her chinchilla and two cats unconditionally, Goodman is afraid to touch them because she thinks she is going to kill them. This fear started when she dropped a turtle in a pet store when she was five and it died.
“It was a traumatizing experience, so now I have trouble holding animals,” Goodman said.
On the weekends, Goodman sits her 5’2” frame down to watch her favorite movie, Perks of Being a Wallflower, with her friends while drinking bubble tea. She really enjoys bubble tea, and even admitted that she would sell herself for it if it weren’t for young Shepard’s disapproval.
If Goodman isn’t lurking around Mr. Green Bubble, the local bubble tea café, she is serving opponents on the Miramonte tennis courts. She and her doubles partner, sophomore Holly Bohuslav, helped the team win DFALs their freshman year. Bohuslav says Goodman is “unemotional, which is why we are such good friends.”
Goodman’s favorite part about tennis is doing backhands and serving the ball.
“Merrick is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet, combined with the wonderful habit of having awkward things happen to her every day of the year,” fellow teammate senior Kady Richardson said.
Currently, she is experiencing a very serious internal debate as to whether or not to play lacrosse. She played two years ago, but is scared of junior Mirador staff writer Kaitlin Fenn since she decked her in powderpuff. Goodman considers herself a vital part of the OCC swim team, even though she only went to one practice and did not participate in any meets.
Goodman really enjoys Donia Gousios’s English 2 class. She finds the discussions very interesting, and books like A Separate Peace good. Gousios has easily become her favorite teacher.
“She’s pretty quiet so she won’t outwardly laugh with me…she’ll just snicker. I think she has a good sense of humor because she snickers at my jokes,” Gousios said.
Goodman has one sister named Olivia, who is in eighth grade. She has two stepsisters named Kate and Katie, which gets a little confusing in the house. She also has a stepbrother named Jacob.
“It’s nice having a step brother who is similar to me in age because we can relate to each other,” Goodman said.
Goodman traveled to Paris and London last year. She had a really good time, and stayed at her dad’s friends house in Paris. Amidst all the shopping and sightseeing, her phone was catastrophically stolen from her. She still has not recovered from the theft. Also, she couldn’t ride the London Eye, because the line was too long.
The slopes call to Goodman, and she answers willingly to the siren voices of the snow and trees. Her family owns a house in Bear Valley, which is an hour or two before Tahoe. Her family likes to ride snow mobiles up and down the slopes recreationally. Once, she accidentally tipped one onto her good friend. She is now very careful with these dangerous machines.
Consumerism also beckons to Goodman; she enjoys spending of money on clothes from Free People and Brandy Melville. She really enjoys the feel of the material and how it looks on her.
If you want more information or updates on Goodman’s life, follow her on twitter, @mdg527, and Instagram, @merrickgoodman.