Quiter Welcomes Wynton Zev


Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

On Thanksgiving Day, the world welcomed Wynton Zev to the Quiter family. “I think it’s pretty special that Wyn was born on Thanksgivikkah – that’s when Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincide, and it won’t happen for another 70,000 years,” journalism advisor Melissa Quiter said.

The name was a mystery until after Wyntons’ birth. “Brian and I were totally undecided on his name coming into the hospital, because we feel like you need to meet the kid first before picking his name. It took us a few days, but Wynton, or Wyn, just suited him. And Zev was my paternal grandfather’s Hebrew name. It means wolf,” Quiter said.

Not only does Wynton have a promising future, he has a three year old sister, Zara, to look up to. The adjustment has been a challenge; however, Quiter appreciates the blessing of two children.

“Everything is trickier with two kids – just getting out of the house is a major accomplishment. It’s hard, but it’s totally amazing,” Quiter said.

The whole Mirador family wishes adorable and cute Wynton and the Quiters good health and lots of laughter.