Rose Breaks New Ground

Rose Breaks New Ground

Claire Marvin, Columns and Reviews Editor

Mike Rose, one of Miramonte’s latest and greatest government teachers, brings much-needed enthusiasm and vibrancy into the classroom. Rose previously taught at Christopher High School in Gilroy, California, but when an offer to teach in his hometown came up, he couldn’t refuse. Rose grew up in Moraga and attended Campolindo High, but he is quickly getting used to the “Beat Campo” cheers around campus. “I knew how good a district AUHSD is, and I wanted to come here and challenge students intellectually,” he said.

Although he may seem like a regular government teacher at first glance, Rose is innovative and experimental. On the first day of school, which he described as “just fun,” he greeted students in a pretty believable Russian accent and threw some unsuspecting seniors through a loop. Once he was through with the Russian accent, Rose quickly transitioned into an Austin Powers impersonation that could rival Mike Myers himself.

Rose says that he has thoroughly enjoyed his time spent at Miramonte since that first day. “The students here at Miramonte are very motivated. The administration is extremely supportive, creativity is encouraged, and failure is accepted. Overall it’s just a very positive environment to work in.”

In the classroom, Rose has breathed new life into a classic subject. Instead of lecturing from the book every day, Rose talks to his students about current issues in the government and asks them to form their own opinions about such issues. He has also set up his government classes to reflect a real, miniaturized government. After filling out an ideology handout, students were broken up into Republicans and Democrats, depending on which party their political views identified with more. Those who couldn’t so easily be placed into either party joined as a smaller faction of Independents. Every day, Democratic students sit on the left side of the classroom, Independents in the middle, and Republicans on the right. Rose also had his classes elect a class president, vice president, and majority and minority speakers. When asked why he set up his classroom in such a way, Rose said, “I thought ‘what a better way to teach a government than to actually simulate one?’”

Rose describes his teaching methods as “non-traditional, yet curriculum-based,” and says that the best part of teaching is when students come up to him and thank him for teaching them. “All I really want is for the students to be engaged in their education,” Rose said.

Outside of the classroom, Rose has some pretty unique and spectacular hobbies, one of which is flying his own Bonanza-36 airplane. “Flying was a childhood interest of mine. Around 2000, I finally worked on this interest, and the more I fly, the more it becomes a passion.” Rose enjoys telling his students about his love for flying and encouraging them to follow their own passions as well.

Another one of Rose’s hobbies is sportswriting. Rose is an avid fan of college basketball and covers the Saint Mary’s basketball team for “I wanted to write for the Saint Mary’s Gaels basketball team because I love college basketball and didn’t think that the Gaels were receiving the coverage that they deserve.”

Just when it seems like Rose couldn’t possibly have any extra time between teaching, flying, and sports writing, Rose has chosen to head up a Model UN team at Miramonte. “In Model UN, groups of students represent different countries. They each attempt to persuade other school’s delegates to join their cause.” Rose said. “The administration thought I would be a good fit for the job, since I have always been interested in it. The students have reacted extremely positively to Model UN thus far.”

Rose has been a terrific addition to the Miramonte staff, and his students are hopeful that he will be re-hired and teach at Miramonte for years to come.