Seniors Feel Varying Emotions Over Last Winter Break

Bailey Smith, Staff Writer

The majority of students are excitedly awaiting the holiday season. For seniors, it’s our last Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa before we go off to college. It’s one of the many milestones we’ll experience before graduation day, and many have mixed emotions surrounding the idea.

“I’m just planning on spending my Christmas with my family; we’re going on a last family vacation because I’m leaving for college a week after graduation, senior Mali Tehaney said. “Even though I am super excited for this year to end and for college to start, I’m scared of the fact that I will be on my own in college. Everything is happening so fast.”

For some, the last Winter break before college will be a sentimental one. Because, indeed, time is passing very fast.

“I’m going to Hawaii and I’m going to relax and have fun not thinking about school,” senior Olivia Madsen said. “It makes me happy that it’s our last [Winter break] before college because that means we are half way there. It also makes me sad because time is passing so quickly.”

There are definitely varying feelings about this coming Winter break. While many are going to balance their break between spending quality time with their families and having fun with their friends, others aren’t feeling as melancholy. Other’s feel it’s a cause for celebration.

“I’m definitely going to spend a lot of time with my friends,” senior Kat Hsu said. “I want to go all out. It’s our last Winter break before we graduate – while that’s a little sad, it’s also really exciting.”

Many have special trips planned with their friends. Seniors Daniel Conner and Miles McCaulou plan to spend their Winter break in Tahoe “with the bros.”

“I’m exciting to ski and hang out with my friends over break,” senior Miles McCaulou said. “It’ll be a great way to decompress and just relax.”

While some groups of friends have planned vacations, others intend to carry out meaningful family traditions.

“My family and I go skating in Union Square every year which is very special to me,” senior Olivia Louie said. “In addition to that, I plan on participating in all of the usual holiday things,”

Some of the most anticipated things about Winter break are the seasonal festivities; picking out Christmas trees, getting hot cocoa, ice skating and traveling up to Tahoe to enjoy the snow. Fortunately, these aren’t things seniors will have to say goodbye to just because it’s their last Winter break.

“I love seeing the Christmas decorations and hearing Christmas music whenever I go out during the holiday season, it always puts me in the Christmas spirit,” senior Olivia Warner said. “Luckily, the fact that it’s out last Winter break won’t stop any of us from enjoying the usual Christmas merriment in the years to come.”

Although many are feeling a twinge of sadness that it’s our final Winter break, it is important to keep in mind that it’s not our last Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. The holidays will come around next year just as they always have.

While the fast-approaching break arouses bittersweet emotions, don’t forget to enjoy all the excitement that comes along with the Christmas season. Seniors may be saying goodbye to “winter breaks” as they’ve known them, but they can take comfort in the fact that the holidays will take place wherever they end up next year.