Average Joe of the Issue: Rory Howells

Sofia Marinac

Junior Rory Howells “hopped the pond” in seventh grade and has been bringing British flair to Orinda ever since. Originally from Harrow in Northwest London, he’s now Prince Rory of the Glorietta area.
Howells is an avid athlete. He plays Miramonte football as a running back, kicker and punter. In addition, he plays a fly-half for Lamorinda Rugby. When he is not out on the field, he can be found at the gym or at home watching football and basketball. He is looking forward to watching the next Winter Olympics, especially his favorite event, bobsledding.
Howells’ friends, including junior Greg Pietrykowski, think highly of him. “Rory always cheers everyone up around him and makes them laugh. He’s always there for anyone who needs help.”
Since Howells moved from the UK to CA, he has received a lot of attention from his peers. “I was asked hundreds of times in OIS to say ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘bloody hell’ when I first moved here,” Howells said.
After living in the US for the past four years, his once-strong British accent has become less noticeable to his home town Brits. “People here say I still have an accent, but most of my friends don’t notice it anymore, because they’ve gotten used to it,” he said. “But when I go back to the UK people say that I sound American.”
When it comes to celebrating the holiday season, Howells says his home life in the US is pretty similar to what it was like in the UK. However, the main differences between the two are that he used to have a whole month of school off during winter break, and had a true white Christmas. Yep, that’s right, snow and everything. During his winter breaks in the UK, Howells vacationed in places like the Alps and Scotland. His winter wonderland dreams changed when he moved to America. “It doesn’t snow in Orinda,” Howells said. “Also, there are more commercials.”
The Howells’s family Christmas dinner tradition always includes turkey with mashed potatoes and sausages wrapped in bacon. Howells plans on continuing his family’s tradition in the future because “it tastes so good.”
Howells plans on spending this winter break skiing in Tahoe and spending time with his friends and family when they visit from the UK.
When asked which song he thinks best describes him, Howells said ‘God Save the Queen,’ because it is the national anthem of England,” he said. “I love my home country.”


Rory’s Christmas List:

-New iPhone

-Oakwood membership

-Nike vapors cleats

-Grand Theft Auto 5

-A Nutcracker and some nuts

-Xbox One

-FIFA 14

-Protein powder

-An A in APUSH