How to Make the Most of Your Post-Finals Weekend

Libby Dunne, Staff Writer

For weeks, Miramonte students have been stressed over finals and worrying about their first semester grades, but after finals, students want to make the most of their stress free weekend.

Hanging with friends, watching TV and sleeping in are all great ways to spend your three day weekend after finals. “After finals, I’ll probably sleep a lot, watch too much TV, and then get right back to preparing for school and clubs again!” junior Madeleine Becker said.

Having a relaxing weekend is not only a great way to destress after finals, but also to relax before going back to school second semester. “Honestly, I would really just rather not come back to school at all and go on a spontaneous vacation,” Becker said. Though a week off after finals would be nice, Miramonte students are given 3 days off, and they need to get as much sleep and relaxation in as possible during this time.

Finals week is characterized with not only long and challenging tests, but also lots of late night studying and sleep deprivation. The long weekend after semester finals is the time to catch up on sleep and your favorite TV shows you missed the previous week.

“I’ll probably lay in bed watching Season 3 of Sherlock and consuming an excessive amount of Nutella,” junior Sean McFeely said.

Though laying around all day in sweats is a much needed luxury, students should also make sure to get out of the house and hang with friends or do a sport. For some people, keeping busy is a great way to destress after a series of long tests.

Getting an ice cream sandwich at CREAM in either Berkeley or Walnut Creek is a great way to celebrate completing finals. Also, cheering on your fellow Matadors at one of the many basketball games on Friday is a fun activity, and the perfect way to start of your amazing weekend.

A quick vacation to your favorite weekend destination is also a great treat after completing all your finals. “I traditionally head up to Tahoe the weekend after finals. The skiing is usually great and I see a lot of my friends up there as well. Its easily the best place to unwind after a long semester,” senior Tyler Kirchberg said.

After all the final grades are put in and finalized in Schoolloop, they will reset and students can start the second semester off with a clean slate. With this said, the week after finals is not the ideal time to slack off, because you don’t want to start the second semester off with a bad grade in the grade book. “Normally, visiting the Schoolloop homepage is demoralizing. I get a few brief weeks of reprieve from this despair when grades reset and my multitudinous zeroes disappear,” McFeely said.

The weekend after finals is also the halfway mark of this year, so take some time to enjoy that you successfully completed half of the year.

Miramonte students need to make the most of this stress and homework-free weekend and mentally prepare to begin the second half of the year.