Cherish the Fleeting Moments of Senior Year


Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

This is it. The moment students have been anticipating for years. The idea of graduation, or the glorified senior year, has been described to us as one of the most amazing times of our lives. Yet, as senior year approached and began, it was different than we expected.
No one can prepare us for the feeling of the first last day of high school, or the immense growth we’ve seen in the four years on this campus. And, as first semester came to a close and the start of second semester begins, a question comes to mind: “How can I make this the best last semester ever?”
The first thing that comes to mind about my experience at Miramonte is the people in this community. They are amazing. Earlier this year, Mr. Clark tweeted that the class of 2014 is “positive, inclusive, and innovative.”
Senior year proves itself the opportunity to connect with those around us. The class of 2014 has been together as a unit for seven years, some have been together since kindergarten, which equates to 12 years.
We have grown up as a group and are a high-functioning class. It is a special bond, seen this year through the extreme spirit our seniors have brought this year whether it be to rallies, sports games, or arts performances.
Making the most of your senior year begins with reaching out to those in your classes, or at social gatherings, that you might not have known as well before.
“It’s interesting because sometimes we forget that this is the last time we will all be together like this,” senior Emma Patton said. “I want to cherish all the people in our class before the year ends because who knows where we will all be in a year.”
There is no doubt in my mind that there is a wonderful melting pot of different and creative students at this school, and we are lucky for the close-knit community Miramonte has provided us. Often, this isn’t realized until the near end of high school, so take advantage.
Another privilege we have is living in the Bay Area, one of the most incredible, beautiful, diverse, and unique areas in the world, filled with so much culture and righteousness and laid back attitude. There are so many places to explore – both tourist attractions and local attractions. Before we know it, many of us will be leaving the area.
“Something my friends and I are doing is creating a bucket list of all the wacky things we want to do before we leave the school,” senior Ariel McLean said.
We live in California, which comes with many benefits, including warm weather. “I’m lucky because one of the Rim Trailheads is in my backyard,” senior Maya Konstantino said. “I can go on small hikes after school to destress even in January.”
There are very few other places in the country where peoople can go hiking in January. This is a gift that is often forgotten until the reality of the possibility of living in a different state comes senior year. Go outside! Explore Tilden, the Reservoir, Stinson Beach, or Muir Woods. The possibilities in California are endless and year round.
“We want to see different parts of the Bay that we haven’t seen before, because a lot of us are leaving California next year,” McLean said.
Come June, it will be the last time we are together in the same way ever again. Take the time to appreciate the carefree, beautiful yet fleeting moments we have together before graduation.
“It’s so easy to let the future consume your life… Graduation, senior trips, college,” Patton said. “Obviously college will be awesome, but live in the now and appreciate those around you, because before you know it, you’ll be 1,000 miles away from them.”