How to Spice up Valentine’s Day: Single Edition

Molly Swain and Sofia Marinac

Girls Night In (GNI):

  • Crack open some bubblies (Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, of course)
  • Bake some cookies and eat as many as you dare


  • Online shopping spree
  • Order Chinese take-out and stuff your face with chow mein
  • Have a fondue party

Girls Night Out (GNO):

  • Treat yourself to a Mani/Pedi. You deserve it!
  • Wear or buy matching undergarments because you’re feeling super sassy and empowered
  • Shopping spree


  • If you’re feeling fancy, walk into Tiffany’s and buy the cheapest thing they sell…for that special someone…you
  • Go out to dinner with some of your friends

Guys Night In (GNI):

  • Veg out
  • Have a scary movie marathon
  • Throw a singles only party
  • Catch up on the TV shows you’re behind on. Maybe even try out a new show
  • Be bold and make a move by asking that special someone out. It’s never too late to score a Valentine!

Guys Night Out (GNO):

  • Go out to dinner with some of your buddies
  • Treat yourself by buying that present you’ve always wanted but never got
  • Spa Day
  • It’s a four day weekend so go up to Tahoe with your friends