Miramonte Students Participate in Challenge Projects

Jarrett Perches and Andrew Johnston

Many Miramonte Seniors have been taking part in interesting challenge projects in order to learn more about the people around them. Seniors Margot O’Dell, Rachel Purcell, and Daniel were three of the ambitious students who decided to take part in a challenge project.

Margot O’Dell went alone to San Francisco in order to discover and learn about the lives of different people who live their. “Generally, I don’t like to go places alone that I am unfamiliar with and interact with strangers,” O’Dell admits. Because of this, O’Dell decided to get out of her comfort zone and try to talk to the interesting people of San Francisco. O’Dell took Bart to the big city and left her phone behind so that she wouldn’t be distracted. When O’Dell arrived in beautiful San Francisco she met a taxi driver and struck up a conversation with him. “I generally judge people like this cab driver based on his appearance, however, when I started talking to him I realized that he had a family that seemed really similar to my own,” O’Dell said. O’Dell talked with the cab driver for a while and really enjoyed learning something new about someone. “Talking to this man made me realize that I should never generalize about people because you never know their real story until you actually talk to them.” O’Dell stated. Like many Seniors who take part in challenge projects, O’Dell learned a lot about others and it has truly changed her perspective on life.

Daniel Conner, a Senior who is willing to take on new obstacles, participated in one of the most painstaking challenge projects at Miramonte. He decided to fast for a whole week in order to learn a little about what it’s like for underprivileged children. “I realized that whenever I want to eat something I can and I thought it might be interesting to see what it would feel like if I didn’t have this option,” Conner said of his decision to fast. After Conner finished his fast, he remembers that he felt weak and couldn’t eat anything but apple sauce for the next few days. Conner is glad that he did this challenge project because he was able to not only gain sympathy for starving kids all over the world, but he also proved wrong everyone who thought he couldn’t hold off on eating for a week.

Senior Rachel Purcell decided to go without legs for a full week depending purely on her arms to push her around. “It gave me a new respect for handicap people who live like this all the time.” Purcell went on to say a lot of places are not handicap accessable so strolling through Miramonte was a lot harder than she expected. From spending a week in a wheelchair Purcell learned what is was like to not have the privilege of walking and is so thankful that she doesn’t have to endure life like this permanently.

All three of these daring Seniors took part in challenge projects to learn a little about the way others live life. Challenge projects have proven to be a brilliant way to discover more about people less fortunate than those of us who are able to live in a great area, have food whenever we want, and have all their limbs necessary to make everyday life easier.