Rainbow Loom Grabs the Attention of Kids and Babysitters

Margaret Ross, Staff Writers

Rainbow Loom is a plastic loom used to weave colorful rubber bands into bracelets. The craze has been growing in Orinda, especially in elementary age students. However, through babysitting and younger siblings, high schoolers have begun sporting their own Rainbow Loom projects.

Senior Anna Finnell got hooked on Rainbow Loom when a friend’s niece gave her one of the colorful bracelets. “I absolutely loved it. The colors were so vibrant and happy, and to me, the bracelet was more than just an item. It was a representation of friendship and real bond,” Finnell said. She bought her own Rainbow Loom at Michael’s Craft store for $10 and bags of 600 bands for $1.99 online.

Finnell, along with her friends who receive her creations, loves the flow of vibrant colors in the bracelets. She finds relaxation in the fluid, repetitive motion of weaving bracelets. However, her favorite part of the experience is seeing a friend proudly wear one of her colorful creations.

Junior Caitlin Kozicki enjoys getting bracelets from friends, like Finnell, but does not make them. “My neighbor was selling bracelets across the street and I went over there to buy one. I asked to make one, and they taught me how to make a fishtail and the most basic design,” Kozicki said.

“I dislike how much time it takes, since I get so transfixed. I sit down thinking ‘yeah, I’ll spend a nice 20-minute study break to Rainbow Loom and then all a sudden four hours have passed and I’m left with 28 bracelets!” Finnell said.

Growing popularity of rubber band bracelets has students wondering if string bracelets are a thing of the past. Perhaps younger generations will spend road trips making Rainbow Looms instead of traditional friendship bracelets.

“I think both friendship bracelets and Rainbow Looms represent the same things: a physical representation of love and a connection to another person. The rubber band medium of Rainbow Looms is more representative of the everchanging world and is more hi-tech than the string used in friendship bracelets,” Finnell said.

“I don’t think Rainbow Looms will [be the new friendship bracelets] in our generation, but for elementary and middle schoolers they are definitely the new friendship bracelets. My love is still for the old friendship bracelets; they’re so much more comfortable,” Kozicki said.

“I know plenty of elementary school kids who Rainbow Loom, but no one my own age! Hopefully soon everyone will fall in love like I did,” Finnell said.