Summer vs. Winter Olympics

Miramonte students have different opinions about which Olympic season they prefer


Libby Dunne and Ashley Logan

In the weeks in which both summer and winter Olympics take place, people all over the world are cheering for their country and watching many events intently to discover the outcome. Though both Olympics are fun to watch, most people have a preference as to which Olympic season excites them the most.
Many people favor the summer Olympics over winter Olympics because they are more interested in the sports offered. Basketball, swimming, soccer, volleyball, and baseball are sports that people can relate to, because they’re more likely to play or watch them at their leisure. Gymnastics and synchronized swimming are less relatable but entertaining to watch for viewers.
Summer Olympics showcase twice as many sports as the winter Olympics. “I love the summer Olympics because the sports are more interesting to watch and there is more variety in the sports shown,” sophomore Liz Hofinga said.
Winter sports are harder for citizens of areas without snow nearby to relate to. Some people are not interested in winter Olympics because they can’t identify with the sports or they aren’t entertained by them.
The United States does better at the summer Olympics than at the winter Olympics. This makes the summer Olympics more interesting because we earn more medals and place higher overall.
With school off students have more time to watch the summer Olympics and they can get more into it. Winter Olympics on the other hand are in the middle of the school year.
Overall, students play more summer Olympic sports at Miramonte. Though this can lead to a big interest in the summer Olympics, the winter Olympics may come with more fascination for some students.
In snowless Orinda, not every Miramonte student knows how to ski. While some people think that this turns these individuals away from the winter Olympics, it actually makes the ski events that much more interesting. “I love watching the skiing events because it is really fun to watch the professional athletes compete in a cool sport,” sophomore Danielle Chan said. Comparing your skills to the Olympians in event such as ski jumping gives students more appreciation for their abilities.
For many private schools in the United States, ski week falls right in the middle of the winter Olympics. Watching the winter sports can be really relaxing, and a great way to spend this week off school.
Watching the winter Olympics is a great thing to look forward to after school and homework. Spending the cold winter weekends snuggled up in a blanket and watching the Olympic events is not a luxury that people can have while watching the summer Olympics.

~ Bobsled
~ Skeleton
~ Luge
~ Ice Hockey
~ Figure skating
~ Speed Skating
~ Curling
~ Alpine Skiing
~ Freestyle Skiing
~ Snowboarding
~ Biathlon
~ Cross-Country Skiing
~ Ski Jumping
~ Nordic Combined

~ Archery                               ~ Athletics
~ Badminton                         ~ Basketball
~ Baseball                              ~ Beach Volleyball
~ Track Cycling                     ~ Boxing
~ Cycling BMX                      ~ Diving
~ Equestrian                          ~ Fencing
~ Gymnastics Artistic           ~ Gymnastics Trampoline
~ Field Hockey                       ~ Taekwondo
~ Tennis                                   ~ Triathlon
~ Volleyball                             ~ Weightlifting
~ Wrestling                             ~ Water-polo
~ Flat-water Canoeing          ~ Football
~ Handball                              ~ Indoor Volleyball
~ Judo                                       ~ Pentathlon
~ Mountain Bike Cycling      ~ Rhythmic Gymnastics
~ Road Cycling                        ~ Rowing
~ Sailing                                   ~ Shooting
~ Slalom Canoeing                ~ Softball
~ Swimming                            ~ Synchronized Swimming
~ Track Cycling                      ~ Golf
~ Rugby                                   ~ Table Tennis