Bay Area Hikes


Rebecca Gluck, Staff Writer

Now that spring is here, it’s time to replace winter shoes with a pair of hiking boots and hit the trails. Northern California is home to a plethora of different hikes that many Miramonte students and staff members take advantage of.

Tilden Regional Park

Tilden is one popular place to hike among Miramonte students. “I like going to Tilden and just looking for trails that will have good views and that I can let my dogs off leash. The quarry is a perfect place for that and the hikes are relatively easy,” sophomore Ellie Reed said.
Redwood Regional Park

“My favorite spot to hike is Redwood Regional Park because the trails are nice and shady and there are some great views if you hike long enough,” junior Davis Holmes said. Hikes can be as long as eight miles or as short as three miles, depending on how long of a loop the hiker desires. Located in the hills east of Oakland, this park is dominated by magnificent Redwood trees that surround the trails and make up the beautiful scenery.

Rancho Laguna Trail

Rancho Laguna Park in Moraga connects to a short trail that leads to an area of open space. “Since I belong to the outdoor Adventure Club, we go on a lot of outdoor nature activities. I really like going on a hike at Rancho Laguna Park and being with my friends. It’s nice to be in nature away from the rush of school,” junior Kara Hom said.

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Not many people know that a volcano lies only a few miles away from Orinda. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve is home to several trails that surround an inactive 10 million-year-old volcano and its debris. “I love that it’s close and feels like you’re in the wilderness. I also like that it’s not very frequented so you get some solitude. The best part about Sibley is that it’s a volcano right in our backyard!” Geology teacher Nikki LeBoy said.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort

The next time your family takes a trip to Lake Tahoe, consider going to Kirkwood. Kirkwood boasts hikes that take you through Alpine Meadows, summit views, and alpine lakes. “I think Kirkwood is absolutely gorgeous and it always seems like I discover unexpected lakes, meadows, and rivers that I find majestic,” sophomore Molly Colwell said.

Briones Regional Park
Practically in our backyard, Briones Reigonal Park is home to beautiful views and rolling hills galore. “I love Briones because it’s so close, but it feels like I’m in a different part of the state,” senior Ariel Mclean said. “There are both long and short loops. I like that because I can go right after school and get a nice hike in with friends!”