Who Needs College? Not Us!


Claire Marvin, Columns and Reviews Editor

Carley Roberts: Joining the circus as a flying trapeze performer


“I decided to join the circus because I wanted to do something that makes me happy since school doesn’t really make me happy. Being active and taking on thrills make me happy, and flying trapeze is definitely a thrill.
I started out by just going to Trapeze Arts on a whim with one of my friends two years ago. I got hooked and now practice there all of the time. Besides trapeze, I also take classes in contortion and hand-balancing.
I’m going to take a gap year next year to train. Then I am going to audition for Cirque du Soleil, but since they are one of the best circuses in the world, it is very hard to make the cut. Hundreds of people show up to try out and they judge both your acrobatics and dancing abilities, so you have to be a well-rounded performer.”

Charlie Zamanian: Enlisted in US Navy


“I joined the Navy because I wanted to do something positive in my life and I didn’t want to go through another four years of school.
I didn’t always know that I wanted to enlist. I had a friend, Nick Read, who joined the Marine Corps and he got me thinking about the military two years ago. I was originally planning on going into the Marine Corps but I eventually decided that the Navy was a better option for me.
I enlisted as a Navy diver so for the first year of the Navy I’m going to be in dive school. I’m going to be leaving in July for boot camp for 13 weeks and after that I don’t know where I will go, but most likely I will be in Colorado.
If someone is interested in joining the military they should really do their research and talk to every branch and really figure out what they specifically want to do.”

Maya Sherne: Taking a gap year to travel


“I am going to be doing a program called Kivunim based in Jerusalem next year. I will visit anywhere from 13 to 15 different countries around the Middle East and Europe.
I will be taking core curriculum classes focusing on each country that we visit and I will end the year with 40 college credits through Oxford University.
My parents are actually already going to be in Israel so I will meet up with them in September and then leave for the program which will last from October through May. I am just excited to visit all of the different countries and gain a broader world experience.
I chose Kivunim because I didn’t really know what I wanted to study in college and have always wanted to travel. Plus my parents liked the idea since I would be traveling with a group of kids my own age and also receiving college credit at the same time, instead of just backpacking around by myself.”