Teachers Have Lives (this summer)

Teachers Have Lives (this summer)

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

Although half of Miramonte staff will be home with their newborn babies like Nader Jazayeri, Sharat Gadde, and Carolyn Cahill, some teachers will be venturing far, enjoying every moment away from the hundreds of students awaiting them in the fall.

Social Studies teacher Paul Fitzgerald is taking off the first Monday of summer to join friends for a backpacking trip to the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon. “The next week I’ll  be teaching an AP institute on European History for teachers.  Then I’m going to the Yosemite mountains for a week.  I”ll be in Tahoe in August,” Fitzgerald said.

Geology and Chemistry teacher Nikki LeBoy is taking advantage of summer to explore and spend time with family.  “I am planning to spend time in the beautiful mountains of Southern Colorado, visiting family and then my husband and I will be taking off on a two to three week camping trip throughout Northern California and Oregon, along with our three dogs, kayaks and bikes,” LeBoy said. When she is not traveling, LeBoy will be hiking and biking the trails in the Bay Area.

Megan Selway, a Social Studies teacher, has big plans for summer. One of her best friends just moved to London, a perfect excuse to visit and explore Europe. Selway rented a villa in Sainte Maxime in the south of France for a week. Here she will spend two weeks traveling on her own taking in the lavender and sunflowers, taking a cooking class, kayaking in the Calanques, hiking Mount Sainte Victoire, and visiting the Roman ruins near Nimes. After this, she will then spend a week in London with her best friend.

English teacher Kate Gordon has a summer full of planning and helping. Her daughter is getting married in early August, so there is lots to be done. To relieve some of this stress, Gordon is taking her regular trip to Massachusetts. She has a place on Martha’s Vineyard where she will relax and enjoy the sun.

Mandarin teacher Ma-Chen Tu is spending eight days of her summer on the road with her family.  They are driving out to Maryland because her daughter is going to University of Maryland Baltimore. The drive will total 41 hours with multiple stops in between.

Steve Poling, freshmen English teacher, is venturing to Europe where he will travel around Rome and Florence enjoying the good food and cute cobblestone streets with his family. “Closer to home, I look forward to gardening, reading, and brewing my own beer,” Poling said.