Class of 2014 Leaves Legacy

Claire Marvin

What is a legacy? Is it something we leave behind or is it something we carry with us? As the Class of 2014 approaches graduation, we begin to wonder what our legacy will be. Around campus, we are known as the “good class,” one loved by administrators, teachers, and parents alike. The Class of 2014 is made up of some of the most talented athletes, brightest students, most philanthropic do-gooders, and all around simply the most amazing people to ever walk these questionably-colored salmon and turquoise halls.

2014 has been a great year to be a Matador, and an even greater year to be a part of the senior class. We cheered on our fellow classmates as they left it all on the field to win Miramonte its first NCS football victory in over 10 years, applauded the Miramonte Public Speaking and Debate Team’s success as they headed to both the State and National Championships, laughed and cried alongside our ever-so-talented Miramonte Players, jumped for joy when our Lady Mats dribbled their way to an NCS basketball victory, were impressed by our fellow classmates who received highly prestigious National Merit Scholarships, seized the day when our Latin Club won the State Convention for the third time in four years, got fired up at rallies thanks to our hilarious leaders, and certainly won the title of the most spirited graduating class ever.

While we have accomplished great things as individuals, it is clear that we are stronger as one big, great, crazy, class. We’ve paid our dues over the last four years though to get to where we are today. We came together as a class of nervous, immature, and awkward freshmen too terrified to even let one toe graze the senior lawn or to look up at a senior, much less talk to one. We accepted being forced to sit smack dab in the middle of the quad for most of freshman year due to the lack of tables, put up with cranky carpool drivers, sacrificed sleep in order to secure a parking spot on the street as sophomores, hauled heavy textbooks and sports equipment from one end of campus to the other, silently watched as seniors cut us in line at the cafeteria every day, and devoted far too many sunny and blue skied weekends to studying material that will probably never actually become relevant.

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to succeed at a place like Miramonte, but, as our wild four-year-long journey comes to a close, we can finally say that we’ve made it. While the end of our story might be written, it’s how it’s told and retold which will determine what our legacy will become. Congratulations Class of 2014 and GO MATS.