Seniors Reflect on Leaving Home

Bailey Smith, Staff Writer

The rollercoaster that has been senior year is quickly coming to a close. June is fast approaching and before we know it, we seniors are going to be walking across that stage and receiving our high school diplomas. For months, we have been talking about graduating, going off to college, and leaving Orinda behind. At one point or another, we’ve called Orinda by its popular nickname, Borinda, and honestly, many have been anticipating their departure from this quaint little town.

But if we take the time to stop and think about it, there are things we’re going to miss about our beloved hometown. Like they always say, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. For most of us, Orinda is where we grew up, learned important lessons and made lasting friendships – it’s safe to say that deep down, no matter how much some would like to deny it, we’re going to miss living here. Whether it be the proximity of friends, our classic movie theatre, or the park next to the Orinda Library, there are aspects of this town that are irreplaceable.

“I’ve had so many adventures here with my friends, and I’ll miss being able to see them on a regular basis,” senior Hank Larsen said.

“I’m going to miss being in a town so small that I can drive to each of my friends’ houses in under 10 minutes,” senior Haley Marx said.

When we come home to visit from college or wherever it is we’ll be next year, we’ll look forward to kicking it at Nation’s with our friends and reminiscing about all the good times we had growing up here.

“What I will miss most is probably all there is to do around Orinda and the convenience of where it is situated. There’s Walnut Creek, Berkeley, San Francisco, and so many other interesting places to explore all within half an hour,” senior Olivia Louie said.

“I’ll definitely miss driving up to Grizzly and enjoying the view from up there,” senior Gina Pagan said.

There are certainly some gems within the Bay Area that are easily accessible from Orinda. For those who are going to college in SoCal or out of state, it might be hard to adjust to the fact that traveling to San Francisco won’t be as easy as driving through the tunnel. Some of us have taken for granted the prime location where we’re fortunate enough to live.

“I’ll miss the closeness to the beautiful cities of Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco. And of course my bed and home cooked meals,” senior Olivia Madsen said.

We live in an area that’s close enough to enjoy the urban life in Berkeley or San Francisco, or to drive up to Tahoe and take advantage of all the awesome outdoor sports offered. The closeness to destination places like these can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Whether we’ve felt bored in Orinda or not, and it’s safe to say many of us have, we’ve been comfortable here. It’s a family town, and there are some great activities that go on in order to foster a tight-knit community.

“I’m definitely going to miss the Fourth of July parades and the Miramonte spirit,” senior Claire Restrepo said.

“I’m going to miss Sweet Dreams and Loards ice cream; they are my childhood in a nutshell,” senior Daniel Connor said.

Many of us have lived in Orinda since a young age, and no matter what, we’ll always remember our childhood home with fondness. After a few months at college, we’ll look forward to coming home and enjoying the calm atmosphere that’s ever-present in Orinda. One has to admit that Orinda has a certain charm to it, and many of us will begin to miss it after a while. There will come a point when we can’t wait to return to our home, sweet home.