2014-2015 Rally Leaders


Reilly Moran, Staff Writer

All four classes sat in the dark gym, waiting for the much anticipated first rally video of the new school year to start. The projector lit up to seniors Grant Miller and Ray Barrie-Kivel wearing dresses and wigs driving around in a topless Jeep. Senior Jack Conner entered the video soon after, hanging out with an ice cold reindeer, joining Miller and Barrie-Kivel in trying to stop Olaf from bringing the darkness to the Matadome. Suddenly, the lights flipped on and Miller, Barrie-Kivel, and Conner entered the Matadome, looking confident as ever.

The trio then took on Olaf in a beautifully choreographed dance off and won, bringing safety to all the Miramonte students. The difficult dance had been practiced for hours the night before, and immediately before the rally, but there were still doubts if the boys could pull it off correctly, but they seemed to hit every smooth move. Everyone cheered, and the three seniors standing in the middle of the gym beamed.

Miller reflected back on the moment he ran into the gym. “I was thinking about the dance because that was the huge routine we had to uphold so I think I was just thinking about that and my lines and just kinda taking in the whole experience,” Miller said.

Being a rally leader means a lot more than just embarrassing yourself, wearing dresses, and wigs in front of the entire school. Having pride for your school and wanting the students to feel the same way is important.

“This year I want people who may not be interested in sports to attend sporting events to support their fellow mats, and people who might be interested in sports but not in band to still go to band performances because they are your peers and having a general sense of rooting each other on would be cool.” Barrie-Kivel said. Barrie-Kivel has a very optimistic look at this year, and hopes that it will live up to all his hopes.

Last year, when the class of 2014 was wrapping up its high school education and the search for new rally leaders took place, Barrie-Kivel took the initiative and talked to last year’s rally leaders Clay Smudsky, Patrick Swan, and Elliot Alper who told him about the application and interview process.

“Originally I was thinking about being a rally leader with senior John Diamantidis but he didn’t get into the class because his schedule didn’t work out, then Ray came up to me and asked if I wanted to do it with him and Jack and I was like, I would love to. I always knew we could do something really fun together,” Miller said.

This year, the rally leaders hope to pump up Miramonte students and make them proud to be Mats.

“I just want people to remember the rally and walk out and think that was a good rally, and just be excited during the rally,” Conner said.