The Best of Matador Summers

Evan McClure, Staff Writer

Many Miramonte students went on vacation this summer, and a few of them took very unique trips. Students explored the great outdoors over the summer. Junior Griffin Schwarz spent four days with his family on a horseback riding pack trip in Winthrop, Washington. He rode to Corral Lake, and spent a day at the beach.

“We rode to the top of the Sawtooth Mountains, and saw the borders of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Canada.” Towards the end of the trip, the horses broke out of the stables and went running, and Griffin helped to divert them. “Other campers and I stopped our horse’s from running into our campsite, by forming a wall of people.”

There were students who spent their summer in far corners of the Earth. Sophomore Steven Rhein traveled with family members to Alaska for two weeks. “I went river rafting, zip-lining, and on a 25 mile bike ride.” One of the funniest moments Rhein saw was somebody kissing a moose. One of the coolest sights was “I saw chunks of a glacier fall off into the ocean.”

People spent their summers visiting far-away family or friends. Junior Naseem Danish traveled to Pakistan for the entire summer. He went with his entire family, and went to Lahore, Pakistan, to go see some of his relatives after five years. Danish went sightseeing in the city a bit. “They had mosques made out of salt.” Naseem Danish said he would go back if he could.

Senior Michael Yang spent 20 days in Cixian, China. “I visited my family, and worked on a farm.” Yang picked cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplants on his family’s farm. “I went on this trip by myself.” He always goes back to China because his family lives and works there.