Miramonte Homecoming 2014


Amy Larsen, Staff Writer

Last week, Miramonte had their Fantasy themed Homecoming week, with dress up and activities on the weekdays, a football victory on Friday night, and a dance on Saturday night.

The week got off to a great start with Marvel Monday, when all the Batmans, Supermans, and many more superheroes came out, the them on Tuesday was Star Wars, and clones were wandering around the school in white t-shirts and blue jeans. Wednesday was a classic Fanta “sea,” beach dress up day and Thursday was Fantasy Football day with sports players crowding the field watching the Powder Puff final game. The week finished up with a rally on Friday, and each class wearing their class color: freshmen three little pigs (pink), sophomores Shrek (green), juniors Snow White (white), and seniors as the Big Bad Wolf (black).

Lunch time activities consisted of a Damsel in Distress skit on the quad, a donut eating contest, a surfboard relay race across the pool, and the Junior versus Senior Powder Puff final game, with the seniors pulling out the win.

“It was super fun representing my class  in  the race,” sophomore Melanie Moran said about the lunchtime surfboard relay race. Although the seniors won the race,  it was fun for the grades to watch their class race it out.

Friday’s rally, with a video showing the Miramonte rally leaders, Grant Miller, Jack Conner, and Ray Barrie-Kivel defeating the evil from many fairy tales, stirred excitement among the students, getting them ready for the game later that day. The Miramonte football team scored a win against Dougherty Valley Friday night, with a final score of 43-30.

The dance on Saturday night finished off the fantastical week, with a good turnout, and two hours full of fast music and non-step dancing with friends. “One of the best homecoming weeks yet,” Sophomore Daniel Konstantino said after the dance.