Healthy Snacks Are Crucial for Students

Healthy Snacks Are Crucial for Students

Reilly Moran, Staff Writer

by Reilly Moran

It is sixth period and you have to fight to keep your head off the desk, forcing your eyelids to stay open, and making sure the teacher doesn’t notice you have been staring at the same tile on the ceiling for half an hour. You look in your backpack for a quick snack to pick yourself up, but the cheesy goldfish and tempting oreos don’t seem to get the job done. Snacks have to be done right, especially during the school year, because certain snack foods can really energize you and focus your attention for longer.

Bad snack choices can cause a crash later in the day, or overeating at your next meal because although you ingested lots of calories, there was nothing substantial in the food to fill you up. Although junk food is fine in moderation, healthy snacks are a better choice because they are delicious and can improve your day by giving you the nutrients your body needs while pleasing your taste buds.

Certain amino acids and vitamins in food can be converted into energy, or even improve your mood. These amino acids can be stored in proteins, and citrus fruits or leafy greens, like kale, contain many essential vitamins. Sugar or carbohydrates can also be converted into energy, although that energy lasts for a significantly shorter amount of time than energy from amino acids. Sugar energy also causes a crash later in the day.

Snack combinations such as mixing healthy nuts and raisins with M&M’s or other chocolate drops can make a tasty and energizing trail mix. Bringing peanut butter can add up to eight grams of protein per two tablespoons to a variety of different foods such as apples, celery, or crackers. Hummus is also a good addition to vegetables like carrots and celery, and adds nice texture to whole wheat pita chips. Buy granola bars with chocolate chips mixed in, or with a sweet flavoring like peppermint. Yogurt also can be packaged with treats like honey, granola, or fruit, adding bursts of flavor.

Some snacks take a little bit more preparation but are worth the time because of their taste and health factor.

A simple bean and cheese quesadilla can pack in good protein and oatmeal raisin cookies are a good substitute for a sweet tooth. Hard boiled eggs need a couple minutes of preparation,  but are great tasting snacks during the day.

There are also many drinks that provide nutrients during the day. Water is something you should be drinking constantly throughout the day, whether you feel thirsty or not. Healthy fruit smoothies with low sugar content are also a great snack when looking for healthy drinks. Protein powder can also be added to smoothies, adding a burst of protein without changing much of the flavor.

Snacks are a yummy and healthy way to improve your day, stay awake, and energize you for after school activities.