Students Tackle Advanced Classes

Libby Dunne, Staff Writer

Miramonte offers the rigor of both honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, both are challenging in their own rights and each has different benefits for a student applying to college.

Honors Classes: Students in honors classes are taught the same information as students in regular level classes, but they are taught at a faster pace. The teacher may also go more in depth into certain topics and subjects. By electing to take an honors class, students are demonstrating an interest in that particular subject and showing potential college admissions officers that the student is willing and able to challenge themselves.
AP Classes: Like honors classes, AP classes are more challenging than regular high school courses. In fact, these advanced placement classes are taught at a college level. AP classes also show a student’s interest in the subject. Unlike honors classes however, students in AP classes may learn different information than students in a regular class of the same subject. At the end of the class, the student takes the AP test for that subject. Graded on a scale of one to five, a student earning a three on the AP test may be eligible to receive college credit for that course.
AP classes at Miramonte are weighted one letter grade, more than in an honors class. For example, a B- in an AP class would be equivalent to an A- in terms of a weighted GPA.
The difference between a honors vs. an AP language at Miramonte can be a little confusing. Unlike the honors vs. regular math classes, a student must first take the honors language, then the AP language the following year. This is similar to the regular vs. AP sciences. To fully understand the material in the upper level class, the student must take the regular science class (ex: Biology) then the AP class of that subject (ex: AP Biology).

Honors Classes at Miramonte:
English 3 Honors
French 4 Honors
Spanish 4 Honors
Latin 3 Honors
Mandarin 3 Honors
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra 2/ Trig

AP Classes at Miramonte:
AP US History
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics
AP European History
AP Computer Science
English 4 AP
AP Calculus AB/BC
AP Art
AP Music Theory
AP Comparative Government
AP Environmental Science
French 5 AP
Spanish 5 AP
Latin 4 AP
Mandarin 4 AP