Bavafas Reveal their Twin Experience


Ashley Logan

Having older or younger siblings can be both challenging and rewarding; but consider having a sibling your own age. Someone to compete with, talk to, do homework with, and be a friend to at all times.

Juniors Nick and Leila Bavafa have discovered the benefits and drawbacks of having a twin. “The best part of having a twin is you always have someone there for you but the worst part is you are always being compared to them,” Nick said. Leila’s favorite part about having a twin is she has someone to do homework with but she agrees with Nick that being compared to each other is one of the negatives.

Having a twin is not always a smooth-sailing experience. Nick and Leila recall their worst arguments; both involving objects being thrown. “When Leila and I were six she threw a snowglobe at me after I called her stupid and wrong when she was telling time. I then shoved her outside when it was raining. She got a cold from it,” Nick said.

“I once took Nicholas’s leftover Thai food without asking him and he got really mad. Then he pushed me and I pushed him back and it went back and forth until he threw a picture frame at my head and gave me a concussion,” Leila said.

Unlike most siblings Leila and Nick have classes together almost every year. “Having classes together comes with pros and cons. You have someone to work with on homework and such, but it feels like there’s always a pair of eyes watching you,” Nick said. Leila finds having classes with Nick to be helpful. “It’s great having classes with him because if I don’t understand my homework he can help me,” Leila said.

Having someone related to you in your grade often results in unpleasant situations with friends and classes. “Everyday is an awkward situation to be in with him,” Leila said. Nick thinks that an awkward situation arises anytime Leila talks to anyone.

Just like all siblings Nick and Leila have certain pet peeves for each other. “We fight the most about the smallest things. Apparently I walk too loud and Leila thinks she knows everything,” Nick said.

While Leila and Nick both think that having a twin can be annoying and awkward at times they agreed that overall it is beneficial and they don’t wish that it was any other way.