Four Things to Remember When Studying for Finals

Libby Dunne and Sophie Jacques, Staff Writers


Start Early:

When studying for six or more classes, it’s a good idea to start early to retain a lot of information. Study breaks are needed; you need to start early enough so you have time for breaks.

Stay Organized:

Information covered on the winter finals go back to the beginning of the year, so make sure to organize your binder to ensure you have everything you need to study. Outlines and study guides are very helpful to review main ideas and material covered on the final. For example, in math, you have covered 10 chapters. Put your information into outline format, and title each section by chapter. When studying start with chapter one, and go in order from there.

Make a Schedule:

Making a schedule can be very helpful in deciding when to study for each class. Using a schedule allows you to budget your time efficiently. Put a limit on your study time for each day, because you want to be well rested and awake for your finals. No one wants to fall asleep during a final and not complete the test!

Attend Study Groups:

Studying with other students in your class is a great way to exchange knowledge. You can also quiz each other. Don’t forget, Miramonte’s Exam Jams are on Wednesday Jan. 14 and Thursday Jan. 15 from 3:30- 4:15. You can find out more information about Exam Jams on the posters around school or on the Miramonte website.