The Hunt


Maddie Geary, Business Manager

Coined by reviews as “the cure for fashion envy,” The Hunt application has been a huge success ever since its launch. Before The Hunt became an app, it started out as a startup website that became successful very quickly across the nation. As a result of the massive positive feedback to the idea of finally being able to cure fashion envy, The Hunt became an app less than a year after its initial site launch in January 2013.

The idea of the app revolves around girls and boys finally being able to locate a clothing item or accessory that they see on the street, in a TV show, on celebrities and more. Users of the app post “hunts,” which are pictures of unidentified fashion items. Other users see the post on the newsfeed of the application and then link sources that have items that are close to or an exact replica of the wanted item.

Haute Talk explains the difference between The Hunt and other applications and sites that are often viewed as similar: “Unlike sites that trade in inspirational photos-the tumblrs, pinterests of the world, The Hunt’s aim is to serve those people who want to act on that inspiration that they see on their favorite sites and apps.”

CEO Tim Weingarten further explains the functions and why the app is so appealing to trendy people: “What happens is that you see someone on the street and take a picture of their jacket, you’re browsing Instagram and take a screen cap. That’s the key experience…you add products as you’re out and about.”

Many students at Miramonte appear to be loving the perks and benefits that The Hunt has to offer to their wardrobe. “I first heard about the app over the summer while I was in Australia.

Already impressed that it is globally renowned, I downloaded The Hunt and immediately fell in love. It is such a brilliant idea! I used it to find this purse I have been on the look out for almost a year now,” said senior Bella Gutman.

Junior Coleman Fine is also loving The Hunt. “People probably automatically consider The Hunt to be for girls only, but that is just not the case. There are lots of guys using this app to find clothing they like… I often post pictures of sick socks I can’t find anywhere and the next time I check the app, just a few hours later, a homie has already located where I can find the socks! It is a dream come true,” said Fine.

Overall, The Hunt has been a massive hit ever since it was first launched. Rated #1 Best New Lifestyle App by Apple, it is clearly a huge success. Statistics indicate that users are joining at least 200,000 hunts per week, which is double the statistics of only two months prior.

With no end of success in sight, The Hunt will continue to captivate the attention and affection of trendy people across the nation – and even globe – because it finally cures fashion envy for all. Justice has finally been served.