Freedom at 16


Reilly Moran , Staff Writer

The license. The goal for every teenager. The ultimate freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want (while still following your parents’ oppressive rules). The license is a certain rite of passage, and when you first drive alone in the car you feel freer than ever before. A big part of getting your license is where you drive first, with no supervision.

For some, sports practice or school is a required first stop. If you want to go somewhere fun on your first drive alone, make sure to make your test for an appropriate time. One good thing about going straight to a school or sport is that you can make sure everyone knows you passed and will now be driving erratically on the roads with not a care in the world.

“My first drive alone was such an exhilarating and cool experience, I’ll always remember it. I’ve never felt more independent in my life,” senior Shannon Moran said.

Food is the most popular stop right after you get your license hands down. Your parents cannot tell you to be healthy or what not to eat. Also, there is no better way to celebrate your new freedom than stuffing your face with great food.

A friend’s house is another popular first stop with first time drivers. You can brag to your friends about how easy it was to pass and show them how “good” you are at driving and how the DMV would’ve been stupid to fail you.

“The first place I went with my license was Jack in The Box. I met some friends there and ate really good food. I also got to show them my car, which was fun,” sophomore Vivian McGowan said.

Where you go really doesn’t matter, what matters is the feeling of freedom that is achieved during the first drive. With the music blasting, the windows down, and no parents tagging along, that first drive is truly your first independent experience as a teenager. This first drive promises many more like it in the future, which in itself is an overwhelming experience.