A Look Into the Life of an AP Artist

Kelly Cheng , Staff Writer

More often than not, Miramonte students will notice the large pieces of artwork commonly plastered to the large windows of the art studio while on their way to or from the quad. The art displayed shows a wide range of talents among the students of the art courses provided, but always most impressive are the pieces created by the AP Art students of Miramonte.

Advanced art students work on a separate level, with their work produced based on the subject matters of their choice. Students are given assignments and due dates but otherwise, the themes and mediums of the art they create is entirely based on their own discretion. Such self-expression and interest in art-related fields are addressed and encouraged throughout the course. Students participate in the exhibition of their own work and constantly engage in advanced analysis of themselves and the art they see around them.

The AP Art course, restricted to grades 11 and 12, is designed to encourage the development of students’ creativity through the investigation of art within the studio. The students, already versed in the concepts of art creation through previous years of Arts One and Two, further expand their knowledge of the field with the advanced curriculum and environment of AP Art. Students are often on their own, encouraged to become independent thinkers who contribute distinctly to the Miramonte community through the making of art.