Where Are They Now?

Andrew Johnston, Staff Writer

Remember the guy always greeting students in hallways and showing up for home sporting events? It has been almost one year without the legendary Adam Clark and the Mirador found him to get an update on life after Miramonte. Now working in the Liberty Union High School District in Brentwood, Clark has taken on the position as Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services. Clark’s job primarily consists of overseeing the district’s special education program, all discipline, attendance, expulsions, transfers, safety, alternative school, foster youth, and homeless students.

Q- What do you miss most about Miramonte?

A- I miss interacting with the students. Talking to students at lunch or visiting their classrooms are the two things I miss the most. I also miss working with the Miramonte staff on different projects. Miramonte is a special place where there is tremendous support from the community and the school district.

Q- Pros and Cons of both schools?

A- My heart will always be with Miramonte. The pros of Miramonte include a great student body, tremendous programs (Mirador, Public Speaking, Latin, Science Dept… I could go on and on), robust technology infrastructure, lots of devices, and dedicated staff. Pros for LUHSD include brand new school facilities, school spirit, multiple visions of success after high school, and small town feel.

Cons of both educational environments include high levels of social anxiety, pressure to excel, students who feel they don’t belong, alcohol and drug abuse, and rude chants at sporting events.

I will say this, and this is what I stand for: “All young people have an inherent worth, regardless of race, social and economic status, or family upbringing. I see the positive in the students I serve!”


And let’s not forget the guy who put down the hammer, Michael McAlister had a strong three years working with the Matadors and continues his work as Principal of Northgate High School. McAlister was a great guy always bringing enthusiasm to his work even when dealing with punishments.

Q- How do you like your new job?

A- I love my new job. It challenges me everyday but I thoroughly enjoy being able to help write the next chapter, so to speak, of a great educational institution.

Q- What do you miss from Miramonte?

A- I miss the students, faculty, staff and parents a great deal. Miramonte will always hold a special place in my heart.

Q- Main differences with two schools?

A- Actually, the two schools are more similar than they are different. For instance, both student populations are driven, creative, curious and engaged. This is a blessing for those of us that get to work with all of you. I’d also say that the faculty and staff at both schools are a committed and caring group of professionals.

What stands out most as a difference is that Miramonte has been able to occupy a place at the top in terms of student achievement and per-pupil funding while Northgate has struggled in recent years. With this said, all the pieces are in place for Northgate to excel in major ways in the time ahead and I look forward to being a part of this process. Frankly, I enjoyed my time with all of you at Miramonte immensely. I loved the team I worked with and will carry the lessons I learned from all of them as well as you students for the rest of my professional career. What I like about what I’m doing now is that I get to practice what I learned. I have the entire Miramonte community to thank for being great teachers whose lessons I now get to pay forward.