ASB President

ASB President

Ashley Logan , Staff Writer

Next year, junior Elizabeth Hofinga will lead Miramonte as our ASB President. Hofinga won the election unopposed and is excited about this upcoming year.

Hofinga has gained a lot of experience from her three years in leadership. She has served in the positions of freshman class VP, head of spirit and publicity commission, and junior class VP.

“From leadership, I have gained confidence as well as the ability to find a silver lining in everything. I am very grateful for these past three years in leadership and what they have taught me as a person. I hope not only to lead by my words but also by my actions.”

Hofinga has many plans to improve the environment here at Miramonte. “My biggest goal for next year is to create more school-wide activities that will increase participation and school spirit. I want to reach out to those who don’t normally get to participate in lunchtime activities or activities held by leadership,” Hofinga said.

To achieve this goal Hofinga plans on making the spirit days more creative and original to increase school spirit and unify the student body. “We are all bound by the same struggle for high academic achievement as well as social achievement; therefore I think that most of the student body has goals of success which is healthy for the high school environment.”

One thing Hofinga admires about Miramonte is the work ethic and dedication of the student body. She believes the students are brought together by the level of difficulty in the school work and through helping others when they are struggling academically or socially.