Lamorinda Lunch Spots

Margaret Ross, News Editor

If you happen to have only 35 minutes to pick up lunch, and perhaps you’re around the edge of Orinda, Lamorinda offers some great options for lunching.

1. Bianca’s Deli: Moraga’s delicious Bianca’s sandwiches can be ordered on the phone ahead of time and picked up. Their signature sourdough rolls are scrumptious. With a large selection of meats, veggies, and toppings, Bianca’s offers something for everyone.

2. Whole Foods: Only a 10 minute drive from Miramonte campus, downtown Lafayette is home to the most wholesome luncheon around. Whole Foods’ colorful salad bar and aromatic hot food bar with soups and pastas. Whole Foods offers quick meals to be boxed up and eaten on the go. At the deli counter, custom sandwiches, burritos, burrito bowls, and pizzas are worth the wait. Among the other lunch options is Whole Foods’ store-made sushi, including rolls made with quinoa and rice, pre-made salads, and a range of pastries. Don’t forget to pick up a delicious juice on your way to check out!

3. Morucci’s Si Mangia Bene – On the edge of Lafayette and Walnut Creek is the a great sandwich spot with a huge menu. The most popular sandwich at Morucci’s is the #2 Caesar Sandwich with chicken, but the menu offers great vegetarian options as well. Beware of the long lines during lunchtime, but Morucci’s is well worth it.

4. Petra Cafe – Located in Theater Square, Petra offers the town’s best gyros and spanakopita. For a quick fix on your greek food craving, the line is never too long and service is always speedy at Petra.